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Major Link Soccer: Dempsey Sick, NYCFC's Pier 40

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Don't be fooled by his looks. Dempsey is a sick, sick man. His preversions (sic(k)) may keep him out of the lineup on Saturday versus Toronto.

Don't be fooled by the smile. This man is sick. He is a sick, sick man.
Don't be fooled by the smile. This man is sick. He is a sick, sick man.
Otto Greule Jr

As something of a stadium connoisseur, I love to see the models and projections for stadia either in planning or construction phases. So checking out these images of the proposed NYCFC stadium feet above the Hudson River, begin to get little fits of joy. What a wonderful setting, location, and view for what is meant to be a prominent MLS team. Without a doubt, this building would be the crown jewel of the league for so many reasons. It has almost everything Red Bull Arena doesn't; scenery, a location in New York, and easy metro access. The one thing it doesn't have is an ugly Red Bull logo pasted everywhere. I guess you can't have everything.
The location will surely have many hoops to jump through. However, there's no reason why everyone shouldn't be 100% behind this proposal.

A few players have made movements or signed new deals within the Major League of Soccer this week. Those players include Diego Valeri (new multi-year contract with Portland), Honduran "Lopez" (heavily rumored to Houston), Kalifa Cisse (mutually agreed separation from New England), Juan Agudelo (leaving New York at the end of the year) and yesterday's reported on Omar Gonzalez deal as the third DP in LA. Disappointing news, that last one; certain vivid dreams see Gonzalez in Rave Green alongside Michael Bradley, Eddie Johnson, and... what was that you said about Clint Dempsey?

The supporters of the San Jose Earthquakes have been earning an especially terrible reputation the last few years, starting fights and displaying some particularly off-color tifo. After allegedly creating a melee in Portland, the Earthquake FO cracked down and banned banners and other displays from their section. In response, the Ultras are taking a vow of silence, a silence that will be reciprocated by the supporters around the rest of the league. They only need to look up the coast to see the supporters for the Portland Thorns, a group that outnumbers them by quite a bit. Even in a heartbreaking loss, the fans support them positively.

He doesn't get his own dedicated links post today, but Dempsey is (shockingly) still in the news. The biggest story running this hour is that the poor guy has some sort of virus, keeping him out of practice on Tuesday and causing the Sounders fans on hand at Starfire to froth and convulse. That article also mentions that Michael Gspurning is close and could come back this week for the Toronto start, causing Marcus Hahnemann to also froth and convulse. Shalrie Joseph is also feeling better. As well he should be, since he may soon be losing an itty bit of playing time. Djimi Traore isn't hurt, but he is on the Team of the Week. Solid transition Flatness. Solid.

If you're just here to read about Dempsey retaking the league, here's your rundown: Dempsey hit ESPN's E60, Footiebusiness believes that the deal might not up TV revenue unless it sparks more player migration, and Dempsey simply capped off the biggest news week in MLS' history.