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Reign vs Flash: Livestream & Game Thread

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The playoffs are now officially out of reach, so it's up to the Reign to play through the disappointment in a tough game on the road against the Flash.

After last weekend's loss to Chicago — coupled with Western New York's draw with Boston — the door is officially closed on the playoffs in the Reign's first season. The door has effectively been closed for a while, of course — it was already at a lottery-winning level of improbability. But it's worth marking the occasion of mathematical elimination.

And the backup goal of getting out of the 7th spot is looking difficult as well. Seattle's now 6 points behind Boston with three games to go and two of those final three are against playoff teams. Sports Club Stats has us at a 95% chance to finish in 7th and that seems about right.

So we know we're out of the playoffs and we know where we're going to finish. What's left for this season? Mostly it's about continuing good momentum and integrating new players into the team. Those new players include Stephanie Cox (who should be starting her third game in defense) and Australian Emily van Egmond, who's become a consistent starter in the midfield. Coach Laura Harvey also doesn't seem to have settled on someone to consistently play as the central forward in the 4-3-3. They've rotated through Ranae Cuellar, Jessica McDonald, and Liz Bogus in recent matches.

Otherwise the team is pretty well set going into whatever turmoils the offseason brings. Is that team good enough to compete for a playoff spot next season? With Megan Rapinoe, yes. Without her for half a season. . maybe not. But those are issues to address as the offseason gets closer. For now, just enjoy a match featuring Rapinoe, Hope Solo, and Abby Wambach — some of the best women's players to have ever laced up a boot.