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Sounders Salaries: Clint Dempsey making $6 million a year, Shalrie Joseph accepts massive cut

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According to data from the players' union, Joseph took a 83 percent cut in order to facilitate Dempsey's signing.


These midseason salary data dumps by the MLS Players Union are rarely interesting, but this one happens to come about a week after the Seattle Sounders announced that Shalrie Joseph had agreed to restructure his contract and then used that salary cap room to sign Clint Dempsey. Today we got an idea of how much money was involved.

According to the documents, Clint Dempsey will be paid a total guaranteed compensation of about $6 million. Stretched out over 3.5 seasons, that's about $21 million guaranteed. Of that, the Sounders are presumably on the hook for about $19.5 million. Even if the rumors are true that MLS picked up the entire $9 million transfer fee -- and, for what it's worth, I've been told they did -- that total guaranteed package is among the richest a MLS team has ever paid.

Of course, it wouldn't have been possible if Joseph didn't agree to restructure his contract by apparently agreeing to accept a 83 percent wage cut this year. I honestly have no idea if this means he simply accepted about $500,000 less than he was guaranteed or if that money was somehow guaranteed to him in other ways. Still, that's a pretty remarkable amount of money to walk away from no matter how you cut it. Clearly, this is a guy who's sole motivation at this point in his career is winning his first MLS Cup.

Another bit of interesting news is that the Sounders' total compensation of $10.3 million still isn't that outlandish compared to the other big-spending clubs, especially when you consider it still includes Fredy Montero's salary. The LA Galaxy, even without David Beckham, are on $9.8 million and the New York Red Bulls are on $10.9 million.

Last First P Base salary Total comp Cap hit
Martins Obafemi F $1,600,000.00 $1,725,000.00 $367,500.00
Rosales Mauro M $200,000.00 $225,000.00 $367,500.00
Gspurning Michael GK $210,000.00 $285,000.00 $285,000.00
Zakuani Steve F $135,000.00 $233,000.00 $233,000.00
Alonso Osvaldo M $210,000.00 $210,000.00 $210,000.00
Hurtado Jhon Kennedy D $190,000.00 $190,000.00 $190,000.00
Evans Brad F $167,296.00 $181,046.00 $181,046.00
Dempsey Clint F $4,913,004.00 $5,038,566.50 $175,000.00
Johnson Eddie F $150,000.00 $156,333.33 $156,333.33
Ianni Patrick D $150,000.00 $150,000.00 $150,000.00
Gonzalez Leonardo D $135,000.00 $135,000.00 $135,000.00
Traore Djimi D $120,000.00 $120,000.00 $120,000.00
Joseph Shalrie M $60,000.00 $105,500.00 $105,500.00
Burch Marc D $75,000.00 $75,000.00 $75,000.00
Hahnemann Marcus GK $60,000.00 $60,000.00 $60,000.00
Scott Zach D $50,000.00 $50,000.00 $50,000.00
Estrada David F $48,400.00 $48,400.00 $48,400.00
Neagle Lamar M $48,400.00 $48,400.00 $48,400.00
Carrasco Servando M $46,500.00 $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Caskey Alex M $46,500.00 $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Montero Fredy F $700,000.00 $856,000.00
Zavaleta Eriq F $65,000.00 $95,600.00
Yedlin DeAndre D $50,000.00 $53,500.00
Ford Josh GK $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Rose Andy M $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Weber Andrew GK $46,500.00 $46,500.00
Bates Will F $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Lund Philip M $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Remick Dylan D $35,125.00 $35,125.00
Total $10,379,220.83 $3,050,679.33
Average $357,904.17
Median $95,600.00