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Major Link Soccer: Third in the West, Bale to Madrid

It's hard enough to keep up with the moves of one league, let alone a dozen.

Bale and Dempsey gone... What's an English club to do?
Bale and Dempsey gone... What's an English club to do?
Michael Regan

The Sounders are in third place. The Sounders are in third place. Go ahead, say it aloud. Try it on. It feels nice. Silky. smooth on the skin. It feels good. Still, better can be had for the right price.

Thanks to a couple of favorable (or favorablish) events, Seattle has vaulted up the standings while still holding onto games in hand. The biggest results saw the rest of Cascadia "fall", with Portland going down in flames in Utah while Vancouver managed only a draw hosting Chivas. Colorado also did a favor by playing the victim. If only the Galaxy had been so kind, but they decided to go off script and shank their California brethren in San Jose with a 3-0 scoreline. Two leaders in the East (New York, Kansas City) came away with wins while Montreal drew, creating a 3-way logjam at the top of the Atlantic coast (and other).

If Timbers fans were having trouble drowning their tears after the loss in Salt Lake, many must have found solace in their Thorns winning the inaugural NWSL Championship. Goals from Tobin Heath and Christine Sinclair wrapped up a 2-0 victory against the home New York Flash in front of over 10,000 fans.

After tons of consternation, Gareth Bale is finally on the way out of Tottenham. He is headed to Madrid on a six-year contract, attempting to push the not-fake Madrid back over the hump against their cross-country rivals. He wasn't the only move though. Check out all the Transfer Day moves on SB Nation's tracking center.

You know how the Timbers box office won't sell tickets to people with Washington area codes? FC Copenhagen of Denmark is doing something similar for their coming Champions League matches, cancelling ticket orders for fans whose names don't sound Danish. Imagine the media circus had this happened in the states. "Chekhov? Not 'Chicago' enough."

Sounders Academy products Aaron Kovar and Jordan Morris figured heavily in Stanford's 3-3 tie with 2nd ranked Maryland. The pair each got assists in the draw.

Al Jazeera has put out a happy, enthusiastic post on the state of the sport of soccer in Indonesia, and their cheerful outlook isn't good at all. In fact, it is quite negative.

Real Salt Lake 48 28 1.71 14 8 6 52 35 17
Montreal Impact 42 25 1.68 12 7 6 41 35 6
Seattle Sounders FC 40 24 1.67 12 8 4 32 26 6
LA Galaxy 43 26 1.65 13 9 4 43 32 11
New York Red Bulls 42 27 1.56 12 9 6 40 35 5
Sporting Kansas City 42 27 1.56 12 9 6 38 27 11
Portland Timbers 39 26 1.50 9 5 12 39 30 9

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