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Major Link Soccer: Tightening SS Race

Round and round it goes. Where it stops, the winner gets allocation money and a number one seed.

Meredith is going to New York
Meredith is going to New York
Otto Greule Jr

I think it is known around by now that last night's draw with New York didn't help the Sounders reach their overall goals. Seattle is still in charge of it's own destiny, but those five remaining games are no walk in the park. LA stabbed itself in the eye by losing in Portland, and Montreal will rue its own missed opportunity failing to take a win in Chicago. However, The Royals, Timbers, and Red Bulls strengthened their bids for the best MLS record, and by proxy hurt Seattle. The top PPM still stays in the Puget Sound, but draws aren't going to cut it as a main course from here on out. The Sounders have three matches in nine days coming up soon, and had better plan on taking at least seven points if they like the view from the top.

In case you missed it, SAH's "Green Goggles" did a fanpost reviewing the newest iteration of FIFA (the first to drop the word "soccer" from the official title in North America. It's a Sounders-centric review, so unlike all the east-coast biased reviews on the web, this one will be helpful. The verdict; It's FIFA, but again! And still no Centurylink Field.

Cuba is changing a long-standing and rigid policy that used to prevent their nationals from leaving to play in foreign sports leagues. However, the change seems to focus on baseball for the time being, and likely doesn't change Osvaldo Alonso's USMNT status. Alonso is still "very happy" about the change.

This link doesn't work any more, but it used to lead to a SBI story showing renderings of a potential Orlando MLS stadium. And boy are they pretty. The picture links still work though, so click on to see pictures of the interior and exterior.

Bryan Meredith has another new gig, now among the men between the posts for the reborn New York Cosmos. Perhaps being a teeny bit closer to home (aka this side of the Atlantic) will be good for him.

Let no one say that people aren't watching nationally-televised MLS matches. More folks tuned in for the Sounders and Galaxy on NBCSN last week than did for the early morning Aston Villa-Norwich clash earlier that day. Baby steps. On the whole, NBC is getting their money's worth out of their new Premier League contract.

1 New York Red Bulls 52 31 1.68 15 9 7 48 37 11 27 15 21 -4
2 Real Salt Lake 51 31 1.65 15 10 6 54 39 15 28 14 26 1
3 Seattle Sounders FC 51 29 1.76 15 8 6 39 29 10 27 17 12 -7
4 Portland Timbers 49 30 1.63 12 5 13 46 31 15 28 17 18 -2
5 Sporting Kansas City 48 30 1.6 14 10 6 43 29 14 28 13 15 1
6 Montreal Impact 46 29 1.59 13 9 7 48 44 4 29 11 19 -7

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