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An offside goal and a headlock

From 1:07 this week's Instant Replay looks at some calls from the Sounders draw with New York. A missed yellow on Cahill and their goal being offside are the revelations.

Simon Borg agrees with Seattle Sounders fans.


The goal that New York Red Bulls scored should not have counted according to still and moving pictures. And while Brad Evans probably deserved his card for retaliation, the head lock was obvious to everyone but the center referee.

There may be retroactive punishment for Tim Cahill, but the goal will stand. Those are the breaks of using the imperfect tool called "humans" to try to control any sporting event. But at least you can have it in your hearts that Seattle won 1-nil.

Yeah, that doesn't help.

It can be tiring pointing out the mistakes of referees, but this one truly cost the Sounders points on the table and left the Red Bulls with a bit of relief as Cahill entered the match in danger of suspension with two more yellows. It is possible that this missed call means that he will play the rest of the regular season when he may not deserve to do so.

So that sucks.

On to the next match where the club will be able to look at this tape and think "If you score your chances that blown call is meaningless."

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