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Player Profile #6: Lamar Neagle

Neagle, Neagle, Neagle He came from Federal Way Neagle, Neagle, Neagle He's gonna score today.


Lamar Neagle probably has the most stuttery career with a club ever. From his tryout with his boyhood team, to making the roster with an abandoned attempt to be a right back, to getting cut, re-acquired, traded, re-acquired... and then 2013 - boom. He busted out all the way, a long way. This man from the 253 was your 6th most important player.

#6 Lamar Neagle
Nat'l Affil USA Age 26
Years Pro 5 Years Sounder 3/life?
Pos/Role Forward, Left wing
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 32 3 1
Starts 29 1 1
Mins 2596 141 90
G 8 1 0
A 4 0 0
PP/90 0.69 1.28 0
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 55% 0.79 -3.28
Team Rank 18th 3rd 22nd

#6 Lamar Neagle

Remember that time that Seattle Sounders FC could think that Lamar was just a useful piece to have around, but not necessary an important one? That disappeared last year. While his contract details are still unknown on his 2014 deal, after his 2013 it's clear he will not be working two jobs and living with his parents.

Offense: There are better passers, better dribblers, better shooters than Lamar. Players with better touch, better positional awareness. Almost all of these players in MLS had worse years than the man from Federal Way. He does things different with a kind of swagger and enthusiasm every moment he is on the pitch that he loves this club like you love the club. One could pick apart exactly where his skills are lacking, but then that person would have to look at eight goals, four assists and wonder "what am I not seeing?"

Some guys are gamers. Lamar Neagle is a gamer. It may just be that simple.

Defense: One of the better forwards at applying high pressure Neagle's time as a mid (and even defender) likely helped contribute to his aggression when without the ball. He was 5th on the side in tackles per match. His impact defensively compared to other midfielders statistically is sound, if unsatisfying to the eye test.

Physique: Lamar is not the fastest guy, not the strongest guy, not the tallest guy, not the best leaper. But he uses every advantage he as on another player.

Best Case 2014: A repeat of 2013 in 2014 would be a great year for a player who has to look at every forward added as a challenge to his ability to get playing time. 7-10 goals is a good spot for Lamar to be and one he's capable of repeating.

That's a lot of words for me to basically admit that I don't understand how Lamar does it. But I know I love what he does. While he's not an HGP, he's definitely from our home.


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