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Open Flavor Friday - stadium/airport/amusement park food

Down in Florida for a bit and hitting up two amusement parks I've never seen before this trip. At the first one the food was as I remembered late 90s stadium food - passable.

it wasn't anywhere near that bad
it wasn't anywhere near that bad

I understand that they have us at their mercy in these situations. There's no where else we can go to get a bite to eat, but if you are going to tack on a premium why not make the food premium? Sports arenas figured this out a long time ago. SafeCo Field does an awesome job for a stadium. CenturyLink is catching up with it.

Even airports are starting to get into the act. I can't remember the last time I was in an airport and didn't find a branch of a microbrewery. Sure, most of it is still mass market sit-down and fast food, but in those cases many airports are dropping the premium pricing.

So why do I pay dozens of dollars to get to an amusement park and get cafeteria food?

8.95+ tax for a chicken sandwich, fries and soda should get me national chain sit-down quality food, not a university cafeteria.

Now, I have not been to Disney for a long time. Nor Busch Gardens. Nor Sea World (NARNS!). Most really. I've had family near Orlando for the past 20 years or so. I've been to a lot of these places, but a long time ago. I never recall thinking "that was really good."

Today is Universal Studios Islands of Adventure (for Harry Potter really). And I've heard good things about it.

What's the best food you've had in a captive situation (stadium, airport, port, amusement park)? Or talk about other non-soccer stuff with us, because that's cool too.

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