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Major Link Soccer: Draft Predictions

The Draft is the one place where practice really doesn't make anyone better at anything

Kreis introduces himself to a league that already knows him well
Kreis introduces himself to a league that already knows him well
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Three days until the MLS Draft means that it's time for everyone to post their useless and meaningless "needs" and "predictions" for the dozens of prospects about to be selected by the various MLS teams. Outside of the first five picks, the vast majority of even the most respected analyst's picks will look foolish. But we sports fans lap this stuff up, so here's MLSsoccer's look at Seattle's needs, and the latest draft board from SBI. One guy that might be available when the Sounders pick at lucky 13 is Pedro Ribeiro.

History indicates that Seattle's board is different than what pundits and most other teams do.

Last week the Sounders inked two Home Grown Players to new contracts, including Aaron Kovar. He did an interview with SoundersFC about his feelings on the signing (all good things).

Tristan Bowen indicated on Twitter that he has signed a contract with the team after being acquired in the Mauro Rosales-Chivas trade.


Jason Kreis, at the helm of NYC FC, is gunning for a Sounders-style start to the new franchise if his introduction is to be taken seriously. The team has figured out where it will set up training grounds (though an actual home park is still up in the air with little more than a year to go).

Oscar Pareja is finally officially the coach of FC Dallas, ending an improperly long courting process.

That other 2015 team, Orlando City, just signed their first player in preparation for the jump. Kevin Molino out of Trinidad and Tobago is the man, a year after being named the USL MVP.

The Daily Wiz has put together a Travelers List for MLS fans making an away trip, and it has all the essentials.

MLS SB Nation blogs are so big now that they are now in the business of acquiring other assets, as Once a Metro has now done with the popular Red Bull Rant podcast.

When five MLS clubs head to Tuscon to take part in the Desert Diamond Cup, they'll be joined by 20 pieces of soccer art from local artists. Speaking of Arizona, call this number if you hear from Phoenix FC. They were supposed to be hiring coaches and players by now!

Quake Rattle and Goal shares some thoughts on what the team re-branding will mean for the team and the fans. (I'm way more excited about this than I should be).


Don't do a double take. I meant to put that NFL headline there. Don't freak out. It will all make sense in a minute. It's all relevant (unlike everything else here).

Leeds United has formed a partnership with the San Francisco 49ers, though to what end isn't clear at this time. Perhaps a series of friendlies where the two teams play each other's sports?

The 49ers will be playing at Centurylink Field against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, and fans of the Californian team are going to have a tough time getting tickets. Much like the Portland Timbers of the last few years (and Oklahoma City when they got tired of Zombie Sonics fans showing up at their playoff games) only people in certain ZIP codes will be allowed to purchase tickets for the Sunday night rumble (luckily, I've already got my ticket). That Seahawks zone includes Alaska, British Columbia, Alberta, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Hawaii, and Oregon. Undoubtedly there will still be a few spots of red, but those who do go will be paying upwards of 600 dollars on the secondary market. They would have had a difficult time getting tickets anyway, what with the number of seats already spoken for and the speed with which the remaining allotment will sell out. I didn't like it when Portland (and OKC) did it, and I don't like it now.

Oh, and here's Marshawn Pinch, the Seahawks Crab. Did I tell you everything would be relevant? I LIED.


ESPN will be doing an entire 30 for 30 series on soccer during the World Cup this year (feels weird to say "this year" now).

Tony Meola is being interviewed for the head coaching position of the expansion Jacksonville NASL team.

You might be interested in seeing what soccer looked like at old historic Wrigley Field.

The False Nine takes a look at the problems concerning analytic and tactics in soccer, including a number of terms that have been perverted over time.

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