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MLS SuperDraft Recap: Seattle adds defensive depth, Philly loses faith in MacMath, board divergence

Maybe you don't have time to catch up on everything that happened in one of the crazier draft days in recent MLS history. Here's the quick version.

They were busy, but not Philly busy.
They were busy, but not Philly busy.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

Sometimes things prevent you from following Major League Soccer and Seattle Sounders FC like you should. Just today from 9 AM to about Noon the American soccer world added so many storylines that a 15 minute break and lunch hour was not enough to catch up on what happened with the 2014 SuperDraft.

Let me 'splain. [pause] No, there is too much. Let me sum up. -Inigo Montoya

  • Seattle drafted two young CBs as they said they would. Which was still a surprise, because up until yesterday they had a lot of CBs. Now they do again. Lowe they got with the 8th pick. He's a GA player. Ockford came in the 2nd round. He's more well-known for rap than soccer right now.
  • Sigi said they tried to move in the top five, but couldn't get there. They wanted to be in the top four. They also wanted a player that was offered a GA contract but did not accept, "We made a commitment on a guy who they didn't sign to Generation adidas...and obviously there were some guys in there that us and a number of other teams said we would pick." Lowe was not one of those, but they felt he would be just out of reach. He was not. They got him rather than Larin, Stolz or Roldan - 3 that did not sign.
  • Zavaleta is going to stay at forward.
  • Chris Henderson wants to still add a midfielder, a starter. "I think we want to make sure we can get back to that [possession soccer]," he said on the post SuperDraft conference call, "and make sure we continue to keep the ball well and connect with Alonso and Evans and Dempsey, some of the guys through the middle of midfield."
  • Philly blew up a bunch of draft boards to get a keeper. They already had two young keepers so they traded up for another goalkeeper. They claim to have full confidence in MacMath, which makes sense when you trade up a spot to get a keeper! They later traded down to get Ribeiro. That really summed up the first round.
  • Because there were other trades and a lot of timeouts. Yep, timeouts, which everyone that isn't really obsessed with MLS thought was weird, but we felt was kind normal. Only five picks were their "natural" selection and 11 of the picks that moved moved today. Two others moved this week. So all those pre-SuperDraft Mocks and whatnots quickly became even less useful. MLS amateur scouting group think may be dead.
  • Both Sounders U23 and Timbers U23 had two players selected. One was Peay out of the UW, who was a Sounder and is now a Timber. Should he do grad school at Oregon now? There are five more (Quinn, Harris Flip Throw, Gonzalez, Phillips, and Feener) available to draft.
  • Yes, the next two rounds of the SuperDraft are still to come (Tuesday via conference call with trades and timeouts again, probably). We'll have a post up for you for that one too. You'll probably do something crazy like make 900 comments or something.
Seriously, that's the quick version. Read the full draft results here and click here for many more draft day details that are Sounders related.

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