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OFF - Stadium, Tailgate, Viewing Foods

Open Flavor Fridays waited until Sunday because the topic is important today - nachos and other sports foods.

Glorious sports foods
Glorious sports foods

There's a really important game going on in the shared stadium today. A team in blue and green is attempting to qualify for the biggest championship in American sports. I'm not here today to talk about them. Head over to FieldGulls or NinersNation for that chatter.

I'm here to talk about food. Stadium, tailgate and viewing party foods are excuses to get a week's worth of your RDA in fats and salts. You should not eat these things on a normal basis. But here, in the middle of January a game like this is a great time to dip into the wonderment that is sports food.

Nachos are kind of my thing. Yes, they are difficult to eat without making a mess. But the mix of salty chips, guac, meats, beans, tomato, cheese and various salsas means that you can satisfy any mouth. They can be an app or a meal. Sizes are easily variable from a delicate single serving to a vast platter for dozens there is little change in difficulty. Today, I'll probably use a fork, because I'm at my cousins' house and I would rather not make a mess.

If you want great handheld food so you can still crass while eating, is there anything better than a hot dog? I'm partial to Marv's (caveat I worked there one summer) and kind of love the dogs that incorporate sandwiches into them - the Reuben dog, the BLAT dog. Also, a dog with awful stadium nacho cheese can combine my two loves, mess included.

Pardon me while I go work out. Just writing about those two foods makes me feel a bit bloated.

This is your off-topic post for the week.

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