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Taste this moment

So many Sounders FC players old and new pay attention to the Seahawks. They need only look at the next two weeks to imagine how thirsty we all are.

Does this make you want it even more?
Does this make you want it even more?
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

Making the Superb Owl is a big deal. Making the Finals of any pro competition is really. Seattle has not done that often. The Seahawks are making their second trip hoping for their first title. The Sonics went three times, only one title. The Mariners have yet to do it. The Storm have two titles off of two trips. In league competition the Sounders have not seen the Final since 2007, as a minor league (lower division) club.

Now though, Seattle Souders FC players regularly see Seahawks staffers. They are brothers in an organization and share the stadium. Many of them went to the last two NFL Playoffs games. They saw the exact effect of #Louder.

They see our thirst, our hunger. They see what just a sip, a taste means to this area.

They taste it and drink it too.

In this week before the week before for the Seahawks it is merely the week before for the Sounders.

Saturday they start right back at it again. Training camp, the times of promises and hopes. All teams look to that December day when they might just host the MLS Cup Final. For the Rave Green as they look with hope and promise, as they dream, think on tonight. Cherish this day. Together, in just 11 months, fill our hungry bellies. Answer our hopes as the 'Hawks answer the hopes of all most of Cascadia.

We hunger with you. You can satisfy our thirst. We will be louder. We will be heard.

This is our Sound.

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