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Player Profile #10: Djimi Traore

From a semi-retired trialist to the foundation of the defense to a guy that helped out, but couldn't be counted on late in the season, Djimi Traore had an eventful 2013.

A classic Traore clearance
A classic Traore clearance

One of two aging CBs brought into the club for defensive depth during the Arizona swing, Djimi Traore had the better season in 2013. Much of that may be because Silvestre got significantly injured and cost Portland a draft pick. Despite having a strong defense on average in 2013 Traore is the highest centerback in the community rankings - at 10th.

#10 Djimi Traore
Nat'l Affil France Age 33
Years Pro 18 Years Sounder 1
Pos/Role Center-back
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 30 4 0
Starts 28 4 0
Mins 2505 360 0
G 1 1 0
A 0 0 0
PP/90 0.07 0.50 --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 38% -0.74 2.62
Team Rank 22nd 16th 2nd

#10 Djimi Traore

Few defenders with stronger resumes show up in MLS. Most have similar up and down years. Most may be unfair, most don't have as good a year as Djimi did at his peak. Some are downright awful as often as they run out onto the pitch.

Offense: One of the least effective CBs at entering the attack. Not a good short passer. Prone to longballs that are less than 50/50 in nature. Leaves team fighting to regain possession. Some of the most creative clearances seen in MLS (bicycle clearances, up-and-overs, other trick passes in the defensive third). Not an assist man. Does not take shots in run-of-play often, but one amazing one will stick with Seattle Sounders FC fans for some time. An OK target in dead ball situations.

Defense: Djimi wins duels, but does not win tackles. He does this through strong positioning and though not fast gets to balls quicker than his opponents. Does not foul in dangerous areas often, in fact just does not foul often. Like most defenders those rare fouls that do occur change games. Strong at winning the offside trap as positional awareness and game knowledge are huge assets. Effective shot blocker. Can be beaten with speed.

Physique: Aging in a way that means muscle strains heal slower. Below average speed. Still a strong leaper with good body strength for MLS game.

Best Case 2014: He's more like Marshall than any other Sounder player on the roster and at his age may be looking at a frequent third CB role because of pairing issues. Unlikely to be cut as he still has skill and is relatively cheap.

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