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Major Link Soccer: Sounders Open Tryouts

For 50 bucks and a yacht-load of athleticism, you too could wear the Rave Green.

Any Excuse
Any Excuse
Martin Rose - FIFA

I know you all came here for some links, and you will get those in a minute. However, all of the links below pale in comparison to my new, improved(ish) Twitter feed. My New Year's Resolution is to use Twitter more (which means "at all".) So if you read this space and like what you see, go ahead and surf on over to @EricFlatness, your number one source for links that weren't relevant enough for Sounder at Heart. For those of you in the back muttering "that's the worst New Year's Resolution ever", no one asked you. So PIPE DOWN.


Seattle Sounders FC will be hosting open tryouts once again the weekend of MLS First Kick. 50 bucks and a birth certificate showing an age of over 18 will give you a chance to join the big boys. As far as I know, no one has been successful joining the organization through these channels to date, but it almost seems worth it just to be able to say you tried.

It's important to remember that Seattle Sounders FC wasn't the first American club to occasionally top 50,000 people in the stadium. Back in the 70's, the NASL Seattle Sounders did it too, including a memorable 1:0 victory over the Aztecs. The player who scored that goal was Jocky Scott, who did a short interview with GoalWa.

Sydney Leroux is now part of Seattle, and she continues to occupy a place in my list of Most Favorite People in the World. Her recent donning of a Seahawks poncho may have elevated her a few more spots.


There are reports coming out that say Vancouver's Camilo has been sold off. However, it appears that the Whitecaps are refuting the report, which teaches us all that we shouldn't believe everything we read. Except for here. Don't worry, I will never lie, I'll never be wrong, and I'll never die.

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