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Major Link Soccer: Dempsey Plays, Whitecaps Woes

Our Cascadia neighbors are having a really rough offseason, while Toronto is flourishing. What is this, bizarro-Canada? Wait, wouldn't that just be Canada?

Andre Lewis is causing problems in Canada
Andre Lewis is causing problems in Canada
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

As I write this, I'm still hung up in the euphoria of yesterday. It isn't my goal to bore those of you who aren't interested in the pointyball, or who don't root for the team I do. Sherman's interception though, being in that crowd, it's easily one of the finest moments i've experienced in sports (and a fitting end to what might be my last year as a season ticket holder).

1. Beastquake
2. 2010 US Open Cup Winner
3. Sounders v Tigres
4. Sherman with Just the Tip

For those of us who are blessed to enjoy both "football" and "soccer", both sides of the Vulcan Sports coin, the offseason is now only a month. A month without weekly games. These are blessed times in Seattle right now, doubly so if the Seahawks can finish this thing off.

It's like 5AM, and I haven't slept yet. I'll probably forgo sleep at this point and try to catch up tomorrow. And if you are a Seahawks fan, the comments in this Deadspin article on Sherman's postgame comments are uproariously funny. Also, see Royal Brougham Park in a "Game of Thrones" style intro to Austria's NFL Postseason broadcast.


Clint Dempsey took the field against Arsenal over the weekend, and reports aren't terribly positive. He was reportedly tentative and out of shape (which I suppose the optimist would say is exactly what he's playing in the postseason for).

If you play soccer, but all the club and rec teams are too expensive, Futsal may be a better option for you.


Things are pretty bad in Whitecaps land right now. It seems that Camilo, he of the best goal of 2013, is gone. They're getting a camion-full of cash, but money doesn't directly score goals. Andre Lewis, one of their first round draft picks from just a few days ago, might have been expected to shoulder some of the load. No go, as he'll be playing for the New York Cosmos instead, in a move I read about twice and still don't totally understand. That article also notes that the Whitecaps have yet to sign any new players, and Nigel Reo-Coker is asking for more money. Were I a 'Caps fan, my head would be spinning. The only possible source of good news is a report that Jay DeMerit may be re-signed soon.

The Galaxy are turning the rumor mill with a connection to Swedish midfielder Stefan Ishizaki.

Toronto FC now has more defenders named Bradley than they know what to do with, if this Blackburn story is to be believed. Bradley Orr is expected to join the team for 2014, continuing a remarkable rebuilding process in Eastern Canada.


The Whitecaps have it pretty good when compared to Antigua Barracuda, who managed to lose EVERY game of the 2013 USL-Pro season.

Lucky for us USL fans, all 2014 matches will be streamed for free on Youtube.

There's some question as to whether or not college underclassmen are eligible for the MLS Superdraft.

Sepp Blatter has a challenger for FIFA Presidency in Jerome Champagne, a guy who is a little different from his predecessors.

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