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MLS 2014 SuperDraft Rounds Three & Four offer value picks

Rounds three and four are now part of the SuperDraft, that does not mean the talent is better than when it was the Supplemental Draft. It's just a name change for picks 39-77. Seattle tends to get decent value after pick 40. Who could they grab this year?

Rounds Three and Four are not in a fancy room...sadly.
Rounds Three and Four are not in a fancy room...sadly.
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports

The Major League Soccer SuperDraft continues with rounds three and four on Tuesday morning. This draft is not on ESPNNews, instead it is a conference call that will pump results out over social media. In these later picks there is a history of success for Seattle Sounders FC. Past roster players from these points include Wil Bates, Josh Ford, Alex Caskey and Mike Fucito. If every other year a team can get a rotational player from a pick after 40 they are doing alright for themselves in the "free talent" department.

This year a few notable college players and every international fell to day two of the draft. With picks 55 and 77 (Mr Irrelevant to borrow an NFL phrase) who can Sounders FC snag and maybe see in Rave Green after training camp.

Though unlikely, if Aodhan Quinn falls to 55 he should be expected to go. While college attacking mids (though he played forward a lot) tend to fall, Quinn could slot at CAM, Left Mid, Forward and Left Back (yeah, that's odd). If they had not picked two CBs already former Sounders U23 Josh Phillips could make some sense too. Miguel Gonzalez is a forward from Seattle U who get a shot here due to his college coach having some extra pull in Seattle.. And right back Michael "Flip Throw" Harris could just be fun to have around for a while.

Those are the local connections. Some make more sense at 77 than 55.

Joey Dillon had a poor combine. That shouldn't mean much for Seattle as they scout college heavier than most, though thinking very outside the box, and host their own combine as well. Dillon as a CM feels positional needs too. Kadeem Dacres would add a speed element that the club lacks at most levels right now. His write-up reads like a lesser Zakuani. Isaac Ikyurav reads the same, but played in California so bonus points there. Lastly, Sigi loves what he loves and he loves Germany, so Bayern Munich youth product Jason Plumhoff could get a shot.

At that final spot the flyer attitude is even deeper. Any of the internationals make sense there. If those players fall that far MLS may have to MLS them to get them on a roster as they are already signed. Sounders FC could also go with a fourth keeper for the roster, which they'd need anyway. This is unlikely, but it gives me a chance to note that Kees Heemskerk has the same first name as Kees Westra of the U16s. What organization could pass up that opportunity?

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