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Open Flavor Friday - bring me your finest meats and cheeses

There is a certain small joy in processed meats, cheese and a simple delivery device. This week's off-topic post begins with a tribute to Kenny Mayne.

Wiki Commons

Let's take a moment to step back to 90s SportsCenter. It was the time when catchphrases were hip rather than tired. It was the time of Dan Patrick, Keith Olbermann, Craig Kilborn and Kent's own Kenny Mayne. It was the peak era for sports highlight shows.

Which brings us to this week's Flavor topic. Processed meats are pretty cool. I know at least one of our regular readers practices the art of Charcuterie. At least one of the staffers is a cheesemaker. Another reader is an avid breadmaker. Together they could make one of my favorite meals. Just a simple plate of fine meats and cheese with a delivery device and maybe something pickled. Now normally just an appetizer this ploughman's meal, paired with beer and meat optional, so not the same thing, used to be a thing and then became a thing again and then disappeared.

We should bring it back.

Simple - basic salami, extra sharp cheddar, cracker
More Complex - prosciutto, brie, bagguette

What are your favorites combinations? Why didn't I include beverage pairings? What would you pair?

PS. I'm rereading Dune, including several of its companion books, and watching both the big screen movie and the SyFy special over the next week or so. This will mean more Dune references on the site, because I'm still me. It also has me wondering what speculative fiction epic needs to be picked up for a mini-series treatment?

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