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Training Camp Storylines

With less than 24 hours until Sounders FC starts formal training there are a few major storylines the Sounder at Heart staff is going to track for you.

Dave Clark

Saturday the 2014 season starts with training sessions at Starfire. The club embarks on its 40th/6th season with the goal being the same as it ever was, winning the MLS Cup - another trophy are two would be nice as well. With so many changes from the 2013 roster the staff at Sounder at Heart will be looking at a few things with an intense eye.

  1. While shape doesn't dictate style, there are some significant changes in shape likely in store. Seattle Sounders FC looks to either be an asymmetrical 4-diamond-2 or a 4-1-2-3. Both seem likely to be a shift in style and shape, in varying degrees.
  2. Who takes advantage of the absences of the United States National Teamers? Without Dempsey, Evans and Yedlin a few men have the chance to earn training time with the First XI.
  3. What will be done with the overstock in forwards? Eight contracted players are primarily forwards. That's a wee bit on the heavy side of roster construction. Will a couple be cut or is the path to a 4-3-3 variant?
  4. Maybe this is 4b, but Kenny Cooper is the big attacking addition. He can fit in as a targety type, a wide type or a poacher. This will define style more than shape, but it is a clearly a key to the offense of 2014.
  5. If path A is through Clint Dempsey, what is path B and C (since he'll miss some games)?
  6. Chad Marshall is going to start. Will his partner be picked based on style or overall quality?
  7. Kovar and Okoli are HGPs two and three. Can they follow Yedlin to instant success or will they be more normal young additions to the club?
  8. Hahnemann is wearing the #1, can a man older than me start at keeper? Or will Stefan Frei show that promise just needed quality in front of him?
  9. Trialists come and go. Can one become The Trialist: Part Deux.
  10. Jeremiah will lean on how many things?
Not all of these will be answered tomorrow. In fact none will. It will be a six week journey. We will try to help you navigate these rough waters.

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