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Mauro Rosales "I made a 'family' here with everybody"

Today, a former Trialist stopped by Starfire to say goodbye to his friends within the organization as he embarks on a new phase of his career. Sounder at Heart chatted with Mauro for a few moments about what his time here meant to him.

Rosales wearing an adidas Star Wars top last year. He's one of us.
Rosales wearing an adidas Star Wars top last year. He's one of us.
Dave Clark

The year of transition caused Seattle Sounders FC fans to start to learn about new players. The old move on, but they do not forget. Sometimes via social media, sometimes in real life and sometimes via a blog they reach out and let their fans know that being a Sounder meant something unique and special.

The Beginning and End

Mauro Rosales saw some of his old friends around the Starfire facility today. He gave Sounder at Heart some time to talk about his time here, the trade, his future at Chivas USA and Argentina's quest for a World Cup.

Q: Looking back on it you first showed up you were an unnamed trialist...

Rosales: I didn't imagine it was going to be this three years here with the Sounders but I had fun. This is the main thing. I had fun. I made good friends. I made a 'family' here with everybody. All the things around the club, the fans, they welcomed me in the best way and I tried to do my best for them all the time. This is one of the things that I'm never going to forget - the love that they give to me, the support that they give to me for these three years. Right now, even they know that I'm leaving and going to another club they still support me and are still with me. Even though I'm with another club this support is something that as a player you can't ask for more.

Q: There is a group of Sounders fans who say that Chivas USA will be their second club because of you..

Rosales: I will do my best. This is my way to play. Always I've given 100%, being professional, being in the place that trusts to be place you have give all you have. I hope we can build a good team. This is going to start now, in the preseason. It's going to be a good challenge for me. I'm looking forward to do my best for Chivas.

Q: When you found out you were traded, how did that feel?

Rosales: It wasn't the best feeling at all. But it is soccer. You could be a six month player, or three months, or four months in a place. You never know. I know players that every year are changing clubs. It was hard for me, because the last three years, like I told you before, I feel like a family here. It's not that easy to let everybody here, the organization, friends and the community and all you've done these past years, has to end now. It's not the best feeling.

But I have in front of me another challenge, another opportunity in the United States. This is also good because I wanted to stay in the league and I'm glad that Chivas take me as one of them. Like I told you, they trust in me and I would like to do my best for them. This is the way it is.

Q: You said you wanted to stay in MLS. Why?

Rosales: My experience in Seattle, my experience with the league. I've been treated very well. As a player you need to be in a place that you enjoy, a place where everybody gives you the tools to be happy. I enjoy playing in the league. I like it. I like that it is competitive and everybody can win against everybody. It's exciting to be in MLS.

I would like to be here for a few more years. And then go back to Argentina to end my career, probably with Newell's. If I have to come back here again, I will. I like this country. I like the way they treat me everyday, not just in playing soccer, but in the streets downtown and everywhere I go I can feel the kind words that everybody gives to me. I will miss this city for sure.

Q: You mentioned Argentina, your home, I probably won't see you before the World Cup. How do you feel?

Rosales: I'm excited. As one of the guys who one time been there I know how good it is to represent your country, to represent Argentina. We have very good players that are looking forward to do their best in the World Cup. As a supporter of Argentina I wish them all the best. I hope we can be close or win the Championship - at least we should be one of the teams go into the Finals.

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