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This week in the comments [Sounderland edition]

This week was full of introspective and deep thoughts in light of the new year. It went okay.

George Frey

December 30th: "Do the Sounders have the creative players to make the diamond 4-4-2 work?"


I don't know what formation Sounders should employ

But I do know that Brad Evans and His Advanced Tactical Nous is already the best band name of 2014.

December 31st: "2013 was a year of growth and change at Sounder at Heart"

I wanted to let Endlessrevolt know that pandering absolutely works. All of you. Pandering absolutely works.

all glory to rich lawyer and family man

who made this all possible

I thought I'd take this opportunity to share my first comment in this community, which was under a different account and has since been deleted because it was in a hilarious troll war. THROWBACK:

Hm. This is a very interesting thesis you have presented. However, as you can see, I am a very rich lawyer. I have a supermodel wife and ten sons. All of whom are the starting quarterbacks in their respective (cheating) teams.

Back to positive reinforcement for all those who mention me in their comments. That's good enough for me, dc13.

Sigi should look at SaH for tactics

Because it’s clearly a winning formation. You have Jeremiah up top producing consistently and Peter filling in as the withdrawn forward in support. You have Dave holding down the net, known for his occasional magic but also providing the necessary role of preventing irrationality and trolls from finding the back of the net. Eric and Randy, who man the daily links, are clearly the CMs, helping to dictate and guide the daily flow of visitors. Zach and agtk fill out the center defense, providing a strong foundation despite arguably being underpaid for their position. Sidereal, Abbott, and malcontentjake slide in and out at fullback, providing vitally needed width and reminding us that both offense and defense can stem from similar positions. The tactics and analytical guys like nimajneb and Ryan are clearly high wingers—capable of disappearing for short stretches but providing game-changing analysis when they pop back up. Throw in Paul as a 5th defender when holding a lead or Jackington or McNarnia for for a bit of creativity and flair off the bench and you have yourself a well-rounded roster. And although more a voice than author, Aaron clearly fills the role of Ross Fletcher by making the experience presentable and interesting for all to hear.

There’s no blog in the world that wants to compete with that roster. Props and here’s to an even better 2014!

December 31st: "2013's Hot Topics on Sounder at Heart"

Comment without context from Jeremiah Oshan, purely because it should probably be a meme now. Good call back to the importance of the exclamation marks!!! All around excellent work!!!!


January 1st: "Reign Season in Review: Looking Ahead"


Or the other way around?

I just feel like it would be backwards for Morgan to move her career for Carrasco(sp?). It would make me sad, and feel that the world is more sexist than I had hoped. Alex Morgan >>>> Servando Carrasco. No offense to the man, Alex Morgan >>>>>> most soccer players.
And I mean sure, its complicated for them, they should do what they want, Id just be bummed.

January 3rd: "Major Link Soccer: License Plates, TV listings"

D Mo

A Concacaf ref did this in one of our Champions League games.

I can’t remember the exact one. But the other team were clearly going for a 0-0 draw. Players were stretchered off, popped up and were ready to come back immediately. After only the 2nd or 3rd prolonged "injury" in the 1st half the ref let the player hang out for 2-3 minutes on the sideline and gave us the power play while the other coach and player protested. The other team didn’t fake an injury the rest of the match.

A good ref should already have this tool in their arsenal, maybe a nudge from FIFA will encourage refs to use it more.

Aaron Campeau.

Cheerleaders are terrible, no matter where they are.

January 3rd: "A case for a 4-2-3-1"


I'm kinda new here and I get that you're "malcontentjake"...

But I think setting up "Sounderland" as a strawman group of people you consistently say are wrong or have mistaken impressions/beliefs is hurting your articles.

I realize you’re not saying all fans think that way, but repeatedly using the term the way you do presents it more as though you think everyone is against you rather than just that you disagree with some people.

Traveling Seaknome

I thought it was a great article

For us less knowledgable readers, the depth and description you use for tactics is awesome. Maybe some people don’t like being lumped into groups, but the truth is nobody knows what the heads of the team are going to do. Its all speculation. But you keep bringing very informative articles to the table. Thank you. It would be great to get some more of these types of articles.

Andrew Beck

In a 4-2-3-1, MM and Pappa could play any of the three positions in the attacking band

Both of them could play CAM or be on either wing. They’re both left footed, so the one on the right would be playing inverted. Which makes sense, because Yedlin is going to be bombing down that wing, so cutting in there will be useful. On the left, cutting in isn’t as useful with Leo not getting forward quite so much.


Most active commenters:

1. Andrew Beck
2. Trolltossin
3. python6114
4. AJ Hidell
5. brians3000

The actual top comments of the week:

1. Aaron Campeau
2. nimajneb
3. TTGos
4. Davaro
5. raawr

This week's last week's comment of the week, brought to you by travis.weinman.3

Guys, just think about it: If Oba leaves, that means we could use a Cooper/Dempsey forward tandem. They could be our Deuce-Coop.

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