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Major Link Soccer: Bradley Returns to MLS

Michael Bradley is coming home. Sort of.

Bradley will be returning to Seattle soon.
Bradley will be returning to Seattle soon.
Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Before we get to the good stuff, let us take a moment to remember that Drew Carey deals with strange people on a semi-daily basis. Stranger even than us Sounders fans/supporters.


MLS must have decided that the sheen had worn off of their new Clint Dempsey and wanted a new toy for New Years. So that present will be Michael Bradley. The USMNT Midfielder and Ozzie-pairing-of-our-dreams will be setting up shop with the previously moribund Toronto FC (who also have one Jermain Defoe to bandy about). I freely admit that I am totally jelly right now.

As with Dempsey, it appears Toronto was not the only team to try to acquire the star midfielder (I know right?) The Columbus Crew are playing the "maybe we did, maybe we didn't" game.

Waking the Red has a massive reaction post with tons of fun comments, and LAGConfidential likes the move for Bradley. More reaction comes from two of Prosoccertalk's staff.

Bradley's signing comes as Toronto has already filled their three DP slots, which means one of their current guys is likely on the way out. And chances are it won't be one of the two they signed this offseason. That leaves Matias Laba, a 22-year-old Argentine defensive midfielder who Gatorades (shut up, that IS a word) talent and projects to be one of MLS' future stars. That move may not go over as well among TFC faithful.


Centurylink has purportedly exceeded expectations with their purchasing of Brougham Park's naming rights. The deal from a few years ago to name the stadium the Sounders and Seahawks call home has increased brand awareness and customers.

Not strictly Sounders news here, but University of Washington Soccer Assistant Coach Craig Waibel is leaving the school to take on a similar job at Real Salt Lake.


Unlike the four of the last five MLS expansions, Orlando City's "promotion" will not be accompanied by a USL contraction. When Orlando City MLS starts up in 2015, the USL side currently known as Orlando City may be moving to Louisville.

Hard to believe that MLS teams would still have vacant coaching positions this close to the draft (STILL looking at you Chivas) but Dallas may have finally locked up their first love. Report out of Dallas is that Oscar Pareja has accepted a buyout and hire in the desert. Am I the only one who has to spell out both "desert" and dessert" before I recognize which is which?

Many of us may not remember a time when the LA Galaxy weren't the "White and Navy" team, a big change from their Teal-Yellow combo of old. Beckham changed more than the stature of MLS, as Alexi Lalas recalls in this article.

Looks like Xabi Alonso dreams are over: He has re-upped with Madrid for another two years.


Our own Sidereal got a head start on Houston's expansion draft, but a few more details have come out. Most interesting is this one out of Portland, where a Merritt Paulson tweet has Dynamo Theory thinking that Alex Morgan may be a player on the move. (There may be some tongue-in-cheek involved.)

As it is, many of the league's players are taking outside jobs to make ends meet.


Bayern Munich is subsidizing away tickets for their loyal fans as they enter into Champions League play at Arsenal. Tickets that would normally cost 75 Euros will only be 45 Euros for Munich supporters.

Ian Darke will be your voice for the US at the World Cup.

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