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Major Link Soccer: Coping with loss

Our turf is good enough, and Rosales is touchingly remembered.

That is not a Sounder arm.
That is not a Sounder arm.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


Ugh, I didn't know it was possible anymore. The Seahawks and Sounders losing on the same weekend? Preposterous for the once and future kings. But while Dallas may give, Dallas also taketh away. Dozens of Sounders alumni and Jordan Babineaux deserved better. I'm just going to put all my sports in a corner until the Rave Green is scanning their StubHub tickets.

A crummy 1-0 loss wasn't enough for the local fans to love and remember one Sounder at Heart who became a fan favorite. When Mauro Rosales took a trip to the bench in the 71st minute, it brought about an ovation from the Sounders faithful (to say standing would have been redundant) and a returning applause from the man himself.

"I love the way they always support me," he said. "I just wanted to say thanks to them."

FIFA has surprisingly restored the 2-star rating for the Centurylink Field turf, a year after downgrading it to a 1. This comes after more complaints than ever with the 3 year-old surface, ranging from the flaccid blades to the inconsistent patches, and even the patterning. This won't change the need for a new surface, based-God willing this offseason.


The NFL is doing more MLS things:

After finally giving their fans hope for the first time since 2009, Toronto FC has gone into an epic freefall (most recently demonstrated in their listless 3-1 loss to the New York TBDs). Now, their only chance involves winning each of their last two games and hoping that their biggest rivals (the Columbus Crew, since that wasn't obvious) can fall flat on their faces like a crew of construction workers with massively heavy hard hats. Sorry Red faithful, looks like the Groundhog Moose is predicting another two years of failure.

If you aren't as exhausted with the Landon Donovan love-in as I am, you may enjoy a good fluff piece on his contributions to the USA on his final night in the Red, White and Blue.

Like the Galaxy, David Beckham just will not go away. He has a new line of whiskey on the market, and at $60 a bottle it's surely just as crummy and overpriced as everything else he's shilled in his illustrious career.

As crummy as this weekend was, we could be Philadelphia Union fans stuck under the guiding thumb of Nick Sakiewicz.


There's about to be a LOT of money in the Indian Super League, making that soccer organization poised to rise up the world charts.

I'm pretty sure that the only reason we lost was because Portland fans were cheering for us.

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