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Major Link Soccer: The Shieldocalypse, T-2 days

Arena vs. Schmid! Klinsmann vs. Garber! The Pittsburgh Riverhounds vs. bullying! Orlando officials with shovels vs. purple sand!

Remember DeAndre: No hands allowed.
Remember DeAndre: No hands allowed.
Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports


In's latest in the "which part of the Sounders is better or worse than the corresponding part of LA Galaxy" series, a copout answer draw is declared between Keane and Zardes vs. Martins and Dempsey.

In Pac-12 action, the Huskies lost to UCLA 2-1, despite playing against 10 men for most of the second half.  This goal on the break was the game winner.

Were you aware that UW coach Jamie Clark has a 13-0-2 undefeated record against rivals Stanford and Cal?  Wouldn't that information be much more satisfying in infographic form?

Now that we're talking infographics, take a look at the one that accompanies this article, complete with a horrifying half-Schmid-half-Arena beast on top.  Just close your eyes and scroll quickly down to the head-to-head history of MLS's two most successful coaches.

Andrew Opatkiewicz (I'm glad he's not a player so we don't have to chant his name) is the GM of S2.  He didn't come from the college game, he's not exactly steeped in the workings of lower-level soccer either.  A little like one Adrian Hanauer when he began working with the Sounders.  And maybe that's a good thing.

Major League Soccer

In the wake of S2 and P2, The Blue Testament considers whether or not a club-owned USL team is the way to go for Sporting Kansas City.  I say yes!  Then Jimmy Nielsen can move over from Sporting's current affiliate and be the coach, and S2 can beat his team by many, many goals several times a year.

Is Erik Palmer-Brown headed to Juventus after all?

The groundbreaking ceremony for Orlando City's new stadium was last night.  If you think it's cool to own a stake in S2, well, Orlando invented having the fans own little cups full of some of the 24 tons of purple-dyed sand they trucked in for the event.  Which is actually pretty cool i'm just being snarky for no reason.

US Soccer

Liviu Bird offers a strong defense of Jurgen Klinsmann's comments on the state of MLS over at

Meanwhile, Jurgen himself tempers his words, or at least explains where they are coming from, when asked to follow up on the Don's response.


Proving that you can make noise in the EPL as a seller and not as much a buyer while creating the perfect underdog narrative, Southhampton doesn't look ready to revert to the mean like they were supposed to.

Erick Thohir and Inter Milan are going to save Serie A and bring it back to 90's greatness.  The plan is vague but ambitious.

The bad news: a teenage soccer player with autism was duct-taped to a goal post by his teammates last week in what was apparently a hazing incident but could just be described generally as teenage boys being awful people.  The good news:  members of the Pittsburgh Riverhounds heard of the story and reached out.  They invited Austin Babinsack to train and play with some of the team and sent him off with lots of their gear as gifts.  Video at the link.

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