A DeAndre Yedlin Fanboy Testimonial

Hello. My name is Rob. I am not a Seattle Sounders supporter.

I've been a Soccer fan for roughly 13 years. My earliest memory is the 2002 World Cup. I do not support any club. I follow the US Men's National Team religiously. I am a self-admitted DeAndre Yedlin fanboy. Here is my story.

I've been a fan of DeAndre's game since the first match I saw him. Everyone knows of his world class pace. But there is another facet of his game that I admire. Technical Ability. This phrase is bandied about around the world of Soccer but doesn't really have a concrete definition. In my opinion, Technical Ability encompasses many attributes, the most important being first touch. With others including, passing and composure.

There are plenty of American players and/or MLS players who have world class pace. Almost all of them have poor technical ability. What separates Yedlin and makes him desirable to many of the top clubs in Europe is the combination of pace and Technical Ability. This is why he's a great player.

Now I'm going to share why I believe he's being held back in Seattle.

DeAndre Yedlin is not a prototypical Right Back. He is a Wingback and in extreme cases an out-and-out winger. Seattle deploy him as a natural Right Back and usually offer him very little cover. That scenario results in poor outcomes such as the 5-0 debacle against New England earlier this year. In most cases the Sounders get away with this setup by either playing terrible teams or Yedlin's natural talent.

In my opinion, Seattle would be a much more dangerous team if Brad Evans and DeAndre swapped roles. Pushing Yedlin into the attack to support the dynamic duo of Martins and Dempsey would reap massive benefits.

I believe once DeAndre heads to Tottenham and has the freedom to attack without a systematic defensive responsibility holding him back, he will flourish.

This has been a completely biased opinion. Feel free to send your hate tweets to @RobUsry

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