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Major Link Soccer: Links to calm the nerves

The Shield-ocalypse has been moved from LA to Seattle, here are the links you need to distract yourself from the unbearable anticipation and excitement!

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The regular season has flown by!  But 90 minutes remain.  90 Minutes to decide whether the reward for the Sounders' dominant season will be the Shield and a place in the history books or the bitter taste of disappointment as the also-ran.  I know, I can't sleep either.  To help steel your nerves (or distract you), here are some links.

If you're just tuning in, Omar Gonzalez will be watching this one from the stands, despite his complaints.  Can Leonardo step up to cut off at least enough Hydra heads to keep things close?  Dave quizzes Josie from LAG Confidential on this and more.

#LegenDProblems: When people keep painting you paintings and your favorite artists keep singing songs for you because you're a legend but it's really distracting and you can barely concentrate on defending an overlapping fullback!

Huskies (Football) kicker and one-time soccer player Cameron Van Winkle started warming up with a soccer ball before practice, and now the whole team is getting in on the action to loosen up while they they get ready for throwie-ball, even before games!  Mmm, Van Winkle...great, now I'm thinking about bourbon.  Sober October is tough, y'all.

Major League Soccer

Well, MLS referee Jose Carlos Rivero was arrested earlier this month and charged with two felony counts of fraud, apparently related to drawing unemployment checks while employed (He looks like this, if that helps. I had to jog my memory).  He has continued to officiate matches, but PRO has now suspended Rivero until further notice.  It could not be confirmed that PRO sent Ricardo Salazar to Rivero's residence so that he could dramatically show Rivero a red card and then leave.

Don Garber discussed the Miami "conundrum" by saying that without a stadium plan and political support, it's just not gonna happen, no matter how hard Beckham Beckhams.

Atlanta's Arthur Blank thinks it's time for the Miami project to hitch itself to an NFL stadium and share resources.

The Dallas Cup is an invitational spring youth soccer tournament.  Did you know that anybody who's anybody in MLS has played in that tournament?

The Galaxy have announced plans to revamp StubHub Center with more team branding and the (new) biggest video board in MLS, now that it wouldn't be a little awkward with Chivas USA in the room.

US Soccer/World

US Forward and occasional Sounders heckler Hercules Gomez is finally getting back into form, and is still open to a contract in MLS.  Especially in his home town of Las Vegas.

It's OK guys, interviewed the inependent consultant who rated Canada's turf pitches, and he says...well, what you would expect him to say.

Sporting Lisbon is asking for a rematch or simply to be granted a point for a draw after their loss to Schalke in Champions League that was affected by a penalty call for a handball that wasn't.  The player in question does everything possible to make it look like a handball, so my sympathy is pretty much zero.

Chad Evans, the Welsh former Premier League player, has been released from prison after his conviction for rape.  Now he wants to return to soccer, but a protest has gathered steam to block him from being signed anywhere.

In lighter news, Cheetos has created the soccer version of the Harlem Globetrotters!  Los Cheetahs!

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