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Major Link Soccer: Dos Angeles edition

LAFC! With big plans and big money, can LAFC become another Los Angeles powerhouse? And other spooky news!

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Your Seattle Sounders are the top soccer club in the US and Canada.  I mean, you already knew that, but here's a link! And here's the methodology.

The Alliance Annual Business meeting has been scheduled for November 15th at the Paramount.  Go, heckle, ask the hard questions, have a beverage, and don't forget your Matchpass.

Speaking of being the best, here are some tidbits from the season-long body of Opta stats.  Alonso, Marshall, etc.  Are beasts.

The UW Men's team is currently in a three way tie for 3rd (with UNC, Syracuse) in Top Drawer Soccer's composite of power rankings.

Major League Soccer

It's official -- LAFC, er, I'll stick with LA2 for now, has owners, money, a plan, even an pretty (if generic) website!  It's the talk of the town, so lets get to linking:

LAFC is the name, or perhaps that's just a stand-in.  It sounds like there may be some community input on the new name, or at least a longer process to name the team.  2017 is the year.  Seems so far away.

History points to LA2 being just that, the other LA team.  But in LA, maybe the rule of twos is the way things work.

LAG Confidential is worried they might actually be cool. Which, I mean, of course -- you can be a fan of something that won't even really exist for over 2 years... How hipster is that?

One of the owners of LA2 is Mia Hamm, and she spoke to reporters about a range of topics including the prospect of starting a women's team.  She's also the first World Cup winning owner in MLS.

You can still watch the splashy announcement.

Step two after splashy announcement is finding a stadium site and building a stadium.  The project is "fully funded" and the owners will spend "at least $150 million."

Taylor Twellman had previously mentioned that LA2 would play in the LA Coliseum to start their existence.

Take a look at the website.  Red and white are still being used, with black, but probably not much to read into there.  The "empty" new MLS logo is being used as a nice stand-in for any other branding.  Lots of images of people cheering, but for what?  Other teams?  Cheering about the search for a stadium?  It's a mystery.  You can sign up to be one of them as an "LAFC Original."

Here is the Twitters.

So how about the rest of MLS?

Well, SKC are done, the Red Bulls move on with the 2-1 comeback victory. takes a look at how a FIFA ban on third-party ownership would effect US leagues.

Bradley Wright-Phillips found the back of the net 27 times this season.  Would you like to see every single one of those goals?

The Colorado Rapids are suing jersey sponsor Ciao Telecom since the company has paid pretty much none of the money it owes the team.

Robbie Keane will definitely be in attendance for the US/Ireland match.

I'll sneak in one NASL story: Spanish legend Raul has officially signed with NY Cosmos in what seems like a largely ceremonial position as a player before he becomes technical advisor to the for the team's academy.


The Saudi Arabian Football Federation has announced that even foreign female fans will not be allowed to watch the upcoming Gulf Cup from the stands.

A fascinating first-hand account of the Belgrade derby from SB Nation is definitely worth a read.

When being shown a yellow card, probably don't do this:

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