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Sounders v Colorado - Aftermatch Aftermath: The Return of Goalie Cop

Sunday's match between the Seattle Sounders and the Colorado Rapids featured the return of Goalie Cop Joe Nasco. Except he neither goalied or copped but instead probably sat on the bench and cried because Seattle was really really good.

Birds, man. Always tryin' to bite off hands. They're the worst.
Birds, man. Always tryin' to bite off hands. They're the worst.
Isaiah J. Downing-USA TODAY Sports

It happened again; the waking nightmare. I was helpless to stop it. Just watched. Watched from afar as it all fell apart. It started as it always starts: with a single shot. But it didn't end there. God, I wish it had ended there.

The pit was bottomless. I keep falling. There was only one ledge. The one I fell from. Nothing to hold on to, not even hope.

It was that first shot that did us in. Hurt us real good. No coming back. The other shots just kept us down, kept us bleeding. Dark wounds on a bright day. Hurts the eyes.

Without hope, what do we have? The man standing next to us. But when they turn their back on you, what then? Heart. Mine got broke long ago. Nothing in there but the same pit I'm falling down.

Nobody has much use for Goalie Cops anymore. Antiques. Rotting in plain view. Can't help others if I can't help myself. Two shots. Three. Four. Down we go. We had a chance, a shot in the dark. Our eyes were closed. Theirs weren't. Their eyes stared, straight through us. It found us wanting and lacking.

This pit is dark in daylight. Always finding new bottom. Not them though. While we fall they climb. Always up. It's twice they knocked me down. Twice they used me to stand higher. They might be the toughest case I ever got. The one case I can't crack. Ain't much use for a Goalie Cop who can't do either. Ain't much use for a washed up has-been.

Day 31 complete. A failure. Past few entries have been rough, getting rougher. There's an end in sight, but my vision's gone blurry. Hard to see the trees from the forest. Sometimes all a man can do is watch; watch as the world burns. Avoid the flames if you can. But I can't.

I keep falling.

Nobody respects an old cop anymore. Damn.

Open the GIF, HAL.

Sounders are coming. Are you ready?

Alright, Colorado, we're playing now. Hope you can keep up.

Yay! Penalty! I hope we make the most of this.

Cheeky little goal by Dempsey there.

Goodness, Oba. He's just carrying this team on his back.

That Pappa goal! Whaa?!

Wizards! The Sounders are wizards!

Hmm. Colorado scored? It's okay. No need to panic.

Oba didn't panic. Nothing phases him.

Honeybadger just don't care.

In fact, the Sounders are ruthless out there.

Not sure the Rapids are coming back from this one.

The ball seems to be drawn to Colorado's goal.

Yay! All three points!

It was a valiant try, Colorado.

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