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Schmetzer thinks my beard looks like Timber Joey's beard and wants it gone

Well, that's an odd headline to write, but the story is really not about my fuzzy face, but instead about how Seattle's Top Assistant thinks about the trophies in this league.

Brian Schmetzer

It was pretty cool to go to practice and get seven or so minutes talking to Top Assistant Brian Schmetzer yesterday. The main part of that conversation was about what kind of width Seattle Sounders FC is looking to get from the team. That story will be up at in the near future.

But one of the first things he did was mock me about the new beard. I probably deserve it.

At practice Schmetz said that my beard reminded him of Timber Joey, which is a low blow, let's be honest. He apologized for saying the Timber Joey part, but didn't really take back the part about it not looking all that good. At the end of our interview about tactics I made a comment that I would shave the beard clean when the team wins it's next trophy.

"Friday night," Schmetzer said.

No caveats about it being a mere rivalry cup, or not "major" or anything like that. Friday Night. That's a trophy for Schmetzer. That's a trophy for this club. Sure, there are caveats, but those are an intellectual basis.

Top Assistant Coach Brian Schmetzer did not pause when he heard me say "next trophy." He said, "Friday night" immediately.

He lives and breathes Seattle. He hates those other Cascadia teams. The Cup captures the essence of the rivalry and he wants it back. Friday's 7 PM match is the opportunity to get that trophy back to the fans of the greatest club in Cascadia.

Schmetzer is also a pretty good guy with a great sense of humor.

This is one of the oddest things I've written.

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