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Sports Pessimist: Deja Vu, All Over Again

I feel like I just wrote about this game!

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I have a confession to make. It’s Tuesday, November 25th, and I only just finished watching Sunday’s game against the Galaxy. I could make up some impressive excuse, perhaps that I broke my leg in an awesome BMX accident or something, but the truth is I was at the Seattle Seahawks game. Thanks to the magic of MLS playoff scheduling, I didn’t get a chance to watch the game until this evening. I regret nothing.

Moving on! What is there to say about this game against the Galaxy that I didn’t already say about or previous game against FC Dallas? To my eyes, they were very similar. We created a few clear cut chances, didn’t take them, and conceded too many opportunities to the Galaxy for my liking. Sure, they only put one of them away, but it’s a problem all the same, and it’s worrying that the same themes are continuing throughout the playoffs. Truth is, I was shocked by just how wasteful the Galaxy were in this game. There were a number of chances, particularly in the first half, that you’d bet your house on Keane putting away, and yet he somehow conspired to miss. Thank God for that.

For the record, I hate Robbie Keane. I hate his stupid barrel-roll celebration, I hate his face like a smacked ass every time a decision goes against him. I can’t wait for the day he’s out of the league. While we’re on the subject of people I can’t stand, Kevin Stott loves himself, doesn’t he? At times I wasn’t sure if I was watching a refereeing performance or some kind of bizarre performance art. I don’t like to complain about referees, but he really made sure he was the center of attention in this game.

Anyway. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that three games are enough to make a proclamation about how the fourth is going to go. Three events do not constitute a trend, and much like last week I am not particularly worried going forward. Prior to this game, I felt that a narrow defeat was an acceptable result, even if I would prefer to win. Carson is a very difficult place to play, especially for the Sounders, and to come away with a result that was short of the utter humiliation we’ve been faced with would have been enough for me. As it stands, we gave a decent enough account of ourselves, and are in a position to get to the Final with a bit of luck this coming Sunday.  With Alonso coming back, and the possibility of Marcelo Sarvas and AJ DeLaGarza being unable to play, we have as good a chance as we’ve ever had to get to the Promised Land. My prediction for Sunday’s game: Sounders 3-1 Galaxy, and we’ll win a contentious penalty to seal it.

On the other hand, MLS is rigged, and it’s going to be a Donovan–Henry final, isn't it? SPORTS PESSIMIST 4 LIFE!

MLS Cup Confidence Level: 7/10.

Oh, and one last thing - just how glorious is Marcus Hahnemann's mustache? Give that man a medal.

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