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Major Link Soccer: Turkey and stuff you should read today

Sounders 2, Guy Feiereierei, Soccernomics and more.

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Ever think that the Sounders should have developed more draftees? S2 coach Ezra Hendrickson sure does.

"In the past few seasons, we've drafted players that if we had a USL PRO team we could have held on to," Hendrickson said by phone recently. "Players who maybe are not at the MLS level yet, but with a year or two of USL we see them having the potential to be there. This now gives us an avenue to hold onto those players instead of releasing them and letting them go, and working with them to develop them to get them better and get them ready for MLS play."

Durr, Moloto, Olali, Rex, Rijssel,and Pereira are examples of the types of players that Seattle drafted but probably wanted to develop rather than have on an MLS roster.

Coming to a Sounders match convinced Guy Fieri that everyone must attend at least one soccer game in their life. He then did his hair and deep-fried something.

Do you love Gonzalo Pineda? That makes you smart. Matt Doyle is also smart.

Don't call it a come back, but Darwin Jones is probably going to play in the upcoming NCAA tourney game. The Dawgs are somewhat woeful without him.


MLS will be at 22/23 (Miami?) teams soon enough, but if there's clearly a bidding war going on for the "last" two spots. Those bids may be strong enough that the endline is greater than 24 teams by 2022.

The Philadelphia Union are one of the last bastions of pre-Sounders MLS. Sure, they were after Seattle, but they play in middle of nowhere and struggle with concepts like "making money" and "winning games." One thing that they should get serious props for is partnering up with Dogfish Head beer, because who wouldn't need high alcohol experimental beer when watching the Union?

This Winter the Union are taking on NASL upstarts the Jacksonville Armada in a preseason friendly. Stay tuned so that analysts can tell you that the match is meaningless or that the NASL is amazing, depending on results.

Once upon a time New England hosted an MLS Final with an enormous crowd. While their coming match won't come close to those numbers, they are expecting 25,000 fans. Maybe they're back....

What do you do if you are one of the best left backs in the league? You write a book and develop a sitcom based on your own life. That's Robbie Rogers, and it's pretty damn good to be Robbie these days.

Teams not in the Playoffs are casting players aside like they are dead weight. Some of those players are actuallypretty good (Gruenebaum, Wynne). If it seems like more players are entering the waiver/RED system this year that may be because of the pending CBA.

Last year the Crew affiliated with the Dayton Dutch Lions. In 2015 their partner will be Austin.

US Soccer

West coast women's soccer is shrinking. The LA Blues of the W-League are no more.

The W-League leaves LA and the NASL is coming? If the NASL did come to LA that would mean 2 MLS sides, 1 NASL and 2 (or 3) USL PRO teams all in the same market. In LA that may just be enough.


Sacha Kljestan gets no assist from the bench. That's OK, he had a great game anyway.

Soccernomics tried to change the way that people analyzed soccer, but it turns out that Simon Kuper actually just hates himself, I mean hates journalism, and soccer, and journalists, and soccer teams, and people that write about soccer, and Simon Kuper, and fooball.

FIFA had six major sponsors, but some are leaving. Sony is the latest to say that the organization is to corrupt to get Sony-bucks.

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