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It is right to give them thanks and praise

Happy Thanksgiving you Sounder at Hearts

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

This is the seventh Thanksgiving for Sounder at Heart. Seven is a pretty big number in the blog world. Here's a list of things I'm thankful for;

  • Doug, Carlos, Jeremiah, Timm, Graham, Brian, Kirsten, Soundersmom, Aaron, Abbott, Adam, agtk, Andrew, nimajneb, Chris, Eric, Jason, Ethan, Ian, Dizzo, Isaac, Jacob, Devlin Jane, Mike, McNarnia, Likkit, SP, Paul, Peter, Ryan, Scott, sidereal, susie, Zach, Frank, Mike, aolsh, Zach, Randy, Liviu, dc13, and someone I've forgotten for sure.
  • That only seven months of my adult life haven't had Sounders soccer.
  • All of these guys (a list would be too long) - but specifically a few of them; James, Taylor, Andy, B-Rad, Mike. Also the coaches and staff who have always tolerated my odd brand of journo-bloggerism - but three I must recognize specifically - Schmetz, Sawatzky and Frank MacDonald (he's in this post twice!)
  • Finally hosting a World Cup Qualifier in Seattle
  • Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, Supporters' Shield, Heritage Cup, Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, Cascadia Cup, Heritage Cup, MLS Reserve West Division, Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, Heritage Cup, Lamar Hunt US Open Cup, USL-1 League Champions, USL-1 Commissioner's Cup, Cascadia Cup, Cascadia Cup, USL-1 League Champions, USL-1 Commissioner's Cup, A-League Champions, A-League Champions, A-League Commissioner's Cup, NASL Top of Table
  • My family for supporting me while I write too many words about this game, especially Kristin.
  • This community that's grown from a couple friends to so many people I can't name you all. I'm not going to mention any specifically because there are just too many to mention.

That's my soccer Thanksgiving, and next year will be even bigger.

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