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Major Link Soccer: Turkey hangover edition

As you stumble out of your L-tryptophan coma, join us as we return to the interwebs only to learn that turkey doesn't actually make you sleepy. Also soccer links.

Wake up!  It's morning!
Wake up! It's morning!
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports


Which Seattle Sounder are you thankful for?  In case you missed it.

Reader TGos can't make it to the game Sunday.  But he or she made some posters, and now it's your job to turn those images into two-poles or handheld signs or just t-shirts, and wear them to the match!

Major League Soccer

Are Toronto FC finally figuring out that they should perhaps throw some money at the people who run the team and not just a few DP's?  Could someone from RSL be heading their Lager-way?

LAFC reportedly paid the highest expansion fee in MLS history.

The Armchair Analyst has the secret to a Red Bulls comeback tomorrow.  Is it likely?  Nuh-uh.

Tim Cahill is still figuring out Thanksgiving.


More FIFA executives are being "investigated." Same story, different day.

Real Madrid is so beholden to their UAE benefactors that the team changed their logo to remove the cross from the top of the crest!

Many many millions of Indians watched the first week of the new Super League, but will it be enough?

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