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Sounder at Heart Gift Guide

These are the must haves for any Sounders fan that appreciates yacht jokes, fantasy/sci-fi analogies and/or awesome analysis.

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With several holidays coming up and the general feeling of commercialism wafting through the air you may be wondering what Sounders themed things you should be getting the other die-hard fans in your family or circle of friends. We have those answers, and no, they aren't all "buy SaH" stuff.

But buying SaH stuff is cool. All of our shirts and hoodies are available through the Sounder at Heart/Gameday Depot store. From our partner;

If customers want an item delivered by Christmas, they'll need to choose the "Hurry" or "Rush Guaranteed" speed option. We prioritize "Hurry" orders over regular orders and try to ship them within 5 business days, but we don't guarantee it, so there is a chance it won't arrive in time, but we will do our best. "Rush Guaranteed" orders will ship within 5 business days or we will refund the rush fee. We don't want to do that, so we do everything we can to make it happen. THIS FRIDAY (12/12/14) IS THE LAST DAY TO PLACE ANY HURRY OR RUSH GUARANTEED ORDERS AND STILL HOPE/EXPECT TO GET THEM BY CHRISTMAS.

Consider membership in your favorite supporters group. This is a great way to up the atmosphere in the stadium, connect with like-minded individuals, and get stuff. All are still set for 2014 membership, so reach out to them to get info about 2015.

Emerald City Supporters 2015 now live| Gorilla FCEastside Supporters North End Faithful

Or you can buy your favorite person membership in a Trust that owns a part of Sounders 2

It's almost 2015, but maybe your partner, friend, son, daughter, parent, office mate, etc did not get American Football or Authentic Masterpiece? Rectify that.

There are also some great posters that commemorate the Sounders from one of our loyal readers. At Sounder at Heart and Nos Audietis are partial to this one.

Do you have a Reign fan in your life? Here's our favorite Reign item - Naho. And in second is this celebration of their NWSL Shield win.

Sounders FC has a ton of gear that you can buy, but here are two things you should get - the authentic Shale kit is on its way out (discounts!) and you like beer, so get a growler.

Heck, if you like beer head to NW Peaks and buy a membership in their Mountainbeers program.

If you've got a foosball player in the family or just a game room that needs some Sounders-ification, you should check out this table. The players are pretty sweet:


Here's some other "not soccer" stuff that our readers may like - The Peripheral5th Edition D&D, a donation to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliancehome brewing supplies, the finest meats and cheeses (or other local butcher), cooking for scientists or support KEXP.

Or maybe you just love Sounder at Heart... some people do. Again, all all of our shirts and hoodies available through the Sounder at Heart/Gameday Depot store.

Then you can get cool stuff like


or (premium no longer available)

or something simple like

Again, there will be a sale on Monday. So you could wait and save money, or just buy now. All of the Gameday Depot shirts and hoodies are digital print-on-demand and made-to-order.

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