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Open Flavor Friday - Leftovers and Fantasy

This is your weekly open thread to talk all things not soccer related with the Sounder at Heart community.

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With the offseason about two weeks away (positive thinking!) it would seem that today is too early to bring back Open Flavor Fridays, but it's also a huge day for leftovers. So let's have an off-topic post to discuss a flavor and something else. This week's topics are how to re-purpose your leftovers and the creation of a fantasy world.


I love me a turkey pot pie. The best of these I've made after Thanksgiving is the one that included leftover root veggies from the huge dinner, a bit of gravy from the night before, turkey of course and then used a fairly standard pie crust and stock for the remainder of the ingredients.

On Thanksgiving itself I'm part of the keep everything separate camp, but when I do leftovers I basically make my own casserole and use the microwave. This is much less classy than the pot pie angle, but much simpler.

Fantasy Worlds

I picked up the 5th edition Player's Handbook back when I started my new job. It was a reward for myself. I haven't been a role-player in nearly two decades, but diving back into this got my creative juices flowing and I'm in the process of building a unique setting where I'm going to run one-off adventures, a campaign and write short-stories.

The question here is how close do certain races need to be to their fantasy tropes? Can Halflings be marauding jerks? What about magic using Dwarves? Should I come up with new naming conventions even though the races look the same, but act quite different?

Secondly, what makes your favorite fantasy world come to life?

This is your weekly off-topic post. Talk about anything non-soccery here, even if it is unprompted.

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