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First snow of season greets LA Galaxy upon arrival in Seattle

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Temperatures expected to be around freezing for Western Conference final.

Just hours after the LA Galaxy landed in Seattle ahead of Sunday's Western Conference final, our temperate city was greeted with its first snow of the season. It was only a dusting, but it was cold enough that it stuck on the ground at Starfire Sports Complex.

The Sounders have never played a match in the snow -- at least not in the MLS era -- and forecasts make it seem unlikely that will happen this year. It will, however, likely be in the low 30s at kickoff.

Although the Sounders aren't exactly used to weather like this, it is worth noting that temperatures in Southern California are about 30 degrees warmer than they are here. The last time they played in a "cold-weather" city was the first leg of the Western Conference semifinals against Real Salt Lake, a game they tied 0-0. The temperature was in the 50s for that game.