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Major Link Soccer: The Roger Levesque Marathon

Because I know putting Roger in a headline will get all of your attention.

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We don't really do comment/tweets of the week anymore, but if we did, Taylor Graham would have won last night with this one:

He's so good he even got the marketing slogan in there. Graham was born for the broadcasting business.

Doing the research I never could, RidgeRacerRunner7 helped find that the Sounders were about 22-25th in world soccer attendance this year. Certainly the best attended club in the Western Hemisphere, which is pretty cool. More attendance numbers later this week (or last week, if you follow my twitter.)

As the Jacksonville Armada get set to join the NASL next year (with, for my money, the best crest in North American soccer,) the team site casts its attention on local supporter's group Gorilla FC.

Step into the mind of psychopaths Goalkeepers Marcus Hahnemann and Stefan Frei with this piece from The Seattle Times.


If you watched the Sounders in their 1-1 draw with FC Dallas last night, you may have also seen highlights of the other games of the weekend. The New England Revolution kicked things off in spectacular fashion, putting up four on the road against a pretty strong Columbus Crew team (who only managed two of their own.) Charlie Davies looked like the player he used to be when he scored two goals, and Lee "All I do is Nguyen Nguyen Nguyen" added one of his own. This is the single most scary team in the playoffs, bar none.

While goals are entertaining, no game was more thrilling than LA Galaxy- Real Salt Lake. In a game featuring Nick Rimando, it was actually Jaime Penedo who came up with the incredible goalkeeping performance as shot after shot broke on the bow of his goalposts. Real Salt Lake had plenty of chances, and Rimando (blessed be his name) was only forced to make a single save. Some questionable decisions from referee and man-voted-most-likely-to-chaperone-a-school-dance Silviu Petrescu had Omar Gonzalez proposing a new MLS rule change: "Designated Referees."

Showing that the away goal rule can be a curse, DC United is left with a big hill to climb after losing 2-0 to the New York Red Bulls in Harrison, NJ. After perhaps their worst game of the entire season, they'll likely need to outscore the Red Bulls by three goals in the return leg to move on. Oh, and thanks to MLS Blackouts, some fans weren't able to watch the game.

STADIUM STUFF! There are still two groups in Minneapolis fighting to win an MLS expansion bid which may or may not already be spoken for (Atlanta, LA2, Sacramento, ???????) The non-Vikings group has a spot sewn up, near what I guess is known as the Minneapolis Farmer's Market (Seattle invented public markets.) According to that same link, the Vikings are working on a Vancouver/Atlanta style awning mechanism for their new stadium to increase the "intimateude" for lower bowl events.

In a great example of the media feedback loop, I'm about to link to a story I heard about on last night's ESPN2 broadcast which contained no new information, yet was still worth linking here and talking about for 45 seconds during halftime of the Seattle-Dallas match. There hasn't been any movement on a new home for the New England Revolution, really only citing that the Krafts are interested in a new building if the perfect opportunity arises. Until then, they are perfectly happy with another money-maker in Patriots Stadium (Yes, I know it isn't actually called that, that's the joke.)

Then there's San Antonio, where the owners of the NASL Scorpions are in talks with "Japanese investors" to more than double Toyota Field (from 8,000 to 18,000) in preparation for a move to the top flight. This would be done by basically leaving the existing seating intact and adding 10,000 seats in an upper level.

There were 924 goals scored in MLS in 2014, a new record for the league. You might think that is a strange coincidence, considering that the budgets teams are putting towards their strikers are higher than ever before. But Jedi don't believe in coincidences. Enough said.

With perhaps the first piece about Chivas USA in the LA Times since 2005 (saving perhaps for the discrimination lawsuits of 2012,) the mistakes that led to the end of LA's other team are chronicled for the rest of the world to see.


Chuck Blazer, the James Bond of American soccer. Or perhaps the Doctor No.

At Chelsea's Stamford Bridge, the cheapest tickets cost upward of 70 US dollars (which is comparable to an NFL game.) But those high prices have priced out the vocal fans, leading to "tepid" atmosphere at one of the iconic London parks.

A Swiss player was banned from soccer for 50 years after kicking a ball into the face of a referee and spraying water in his face. In classic British humor, the story ends thusly:

Ferreira will be free to return to footballing activity on 5 June 2064, by which time he will be 78.

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