Playing with Hypothetical Names for S2 Supporter Group

Mike Russell

The Emerald City Supporters will be organizing support for S2, to be led at the beginning by ECS member and Community Trust board member Shawn Wheeler. He jokingly threw out the following tweet today:

Shawn clarified in a later tweet that this was 'purely hypothetical', and the plan is to stick with the ECS name (also, for the record, he added the Green River Killers nickname idea is 'too soon' and 'sucked'.)

But it got me thinking. I'm always one to relish all the little creative exercises that soccer fandom throws our way, whether it's a new logo to play with in Photoshop, a snarky two-pole design, or just a bad pun to unleash on the interwebs. So what follows isn't a serious campaign, but just fun things to think about and riff on. The actual names I came up with may leave something to be desired--I'm sure my fellow SaH'ers can come up with much better in the comments!

S2 will make it's home at what is already a storied location for the Sounders--Starfire Sports Complex--our invulnerable US Open Cup fortress. This location overflows with potent and relevant symbolism:

A Confluence of Green, Black, and White

Starfire is located where four rivers once joined (the Green and White flowed together into the combined Black and Cedar Rivers) to form the Duwamish River.

Waters from all over the area came together and combined their strength; just as we travel from far and wide to join our voices in song, share disappointment and joy, and support our club.

Duwamish Sown, Seattle's Own

As the rivers ran from 'Cascade to sea' they nourished some of the richest farmland in the country; then flowed into the Sound near CenturyLink Field.

As we sing during the march and at the stadium, the Sounders are 'Duwamish sown, Seattle's own.' S2 will train and compete where the Duwamish begins; where future stars will be cultivated and set on their path to Seattle.

The Names

Alright, here are my ideas of actual names for the group, starting with ones that embrace all that symbolism: I think Duwamish Faithful is the best I got, also thought about Duwamish Disciples for alliteration, but that conjures both religious and gangster imagery too strongly for me. Maybe Duwamish Union as a play on the confluence of both the rivers and the supporters?

Next up, all the other random ideas that sprang to mind: La Barra Rio Verde (shout-out to BFV) Tukwila Trustees (for more fun with alliteration and emphasis on supporter ownership) and last, but not least, Tukwila Mockingbirds (told you I enjoy a bad pun.)

[Bonus suggestion: Dave Clark, @bedirthan, tossed out Knights of the Black River in a reply to Shawn's tweet.]

What do you think?

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