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Sounders v LA Galaxy Western Conference Finals Leg Two - Keys to Game

With a one goal deficit and 90 (or 120) minutes left prior to MLS Cup the Seattle Sounders have quite a task ahead of them. Tonight at 6:20 on ESPN the chance at a treble continues.

Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

The LA Galaxy are Seattle's nemesis, though not their greatest rival. It is fitting that Sounders FC must manage a leg two come-back. But this is not like past two-leg series. A single goal is not much. History will not matter.

But there are some key things to watch.

Starting XI

Both teams have injuries to their regular rotations. There is a possibility that the nation sees two full strength sides, but that possibility is tiny, particularly with this weather. The team that starts more of their Ideal XI will be at an advantage.

Sit Deep and Play Direct Early

Despite only putting two players into the attack regularly in leg one there were chances. If LA were to score early the match could get out of hand. Sigi could then choose to sit deep with his midfield line and play to break out. Once they get that first goal the club then would shift to their more standard system.

Yedlin v Donovan

DeAndre dominated this match-up over the past three games. How Yedlin can balance his dual roles can go a long a way towards. If he threatens while forward the Galaxy shape will have to adjust. If he can work the magic like he did down in LA with two weeks left in the season the Sounders will win.

Remember the Shield

Seriously, Bruce Arena's men already lost a trophy to Seattle. Make them remember that. Make us all remember that. It was 4-2 in those two legs. Today could be 3-1 and we would all scream with joy. In 2014 the past failures of the Sounders do not matter.

Obafemi and Clint

Dudes! You wanted this chance at history. You have it. Seize the opportunity. Be the players that were short listed for the MVP. Be the players that want the chance to win the CONCACAF Champions League. Your history lies in front of you, but you must make history today.

Or to quote Mortal Kombat "Finish Them"

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