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This Week in Sounder Gifs: Bringing home that away goal (animated)

Seattle Sounders FC traveled to Frisco, Texas, smashed a 1-1 tie against FC Dallas, and grabbed a big away goal. Heading into the home leg, the advantage sits with Seattle after Osvaldo Alonso headed in the equalizer and the Sounders played solid defense to see the match out. A win was surely preferred but this scenario leaves the home team with the best chances to advance.

Obafemi Martins has an early chance stopped by Raul Fernandez:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Oba chance 1v1

Although ultimately called offsides, Stefan Frei still makes a nice stop:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Frei save

DeAndre Yedlin bursts forward:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Yedlin bursts forth

Oba has another good chance right before half:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Oba chance at half

Marco Pappa serves in a perfect cross and Osvaldo Alonso heads it into the goal:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Alonso goal


SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Alonso goal celebration

A nice sequence between Pappa, Clint Dempsey, Alonso, and Oba:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - nice buildup

Zach Scott slide tackling. Akindele must have had his life flash in front of his eyes:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Zach Scott slides

Brad Evans strips Michel and sets up a decent chance by Michael Azira:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Evans intercepts

Oba and Clint dual DP bicycle attempts:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Oba and Clint bicycles

Frei with the huge save. HUGE:

SSFC vs FCD 11/02/14 - Frei saves

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