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FC Dallas show false dominance

Despite putting together impressive passes completed numbers and a high number of dribbles, Dallas did few things that show they can win on the road in leg two.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

FC Dallas is a team that is known for speed with a couple players with truly dynamic dribbling. They also have excellent set-piece service from Michel. On the whole they demonstrated all of those skills in their 1-1 draw with Seattle Sounders FC. Browsing most of the statistics you could be excused for thinking they should have won the match.

FCD had the advantage in pass completion, passes completed, possession, dribbles and action in the final third. Though they were behind in shot creation and saves, their post-match comments were very positive.

"I don't think we need to do anything different," defender Zach Loyd said post-game. "We came out and played very well. We created a lot of chances. For a majority of the game, we dictated the flow and put a lot of pressure on them. It is unfortunate that we didn't come away with a better result. With that mentality and work rate going into Seattle, we can come away with a victory."

"A lot of chances" does not hold up to scrutiny, and on a whole that match should result in a Seattle win.

Michel nailed the penalty that Escobar created, but their man of the match was clearly Raul Fernandez with his seven saves. Most of those were fairly routine, but even routine shots go unsaved at times. Even eliminating the shots from outside the area, math says Sounders FC had the edge in the game. When including them, the advantage is clear.

If Dallas and Seattle play a similar style, the advantage is to Sounders. Considering that the Away Goals Rule should open up play, and Sounders FC has a dominant offense at home, the match will not play the same. Sigi will need to find new ways to dominate.

But that should not be hard. This Dallas team had a half-goal advantage at home and had one significant threat on goal. They looked the prettier team, but pretty does not win trophies.

The risk taking passes that power Clint and Oba are things that sometimes work. When they do the highlight reels fill quickly. When they don't Seattle sputters to a single goal scored.

If Oscar Peraja wants to play the same match as last Sunday he will be in for a fruitless match. Michel can't strike another penalty, can he?

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