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On the Line: A Date with Destiny

Is Monday's playoff match against Dallas the Seattle Sounders most important in team history?

I swear, it was the one-armed man
I swear, it was the one-armed man
Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Did you know that the Seattle Sounders and FC Dallas have their 2nd leg playoff matchup this coming Monday? Of course you did, because not only are you attractive, but you're really smart too. Do you have tickets for the game? I hope so, because it appears to be sold out, however, one glance at a secondary market seller appears to have 918 tickets available, so you can still hop on that train if you haven't yet.

In Seattle's brief history in the playoffs, they have played a total of 7 games at home. Their record in those 7 games: 3-2-2. However, both of those draws were 0-0. So 71% of their previous home-playoff results would be enough to see the Sounders advance against Dallas. But that's not necessarily comparing apples to apples, since this year's Sounders version is arguably much better than any other Sounders team that made the playoffs.

What does this mean for Monday? Is Seattle guaranteed advancement? Of course not, don't be silly. This is MLS, and in particular, this is against Dallas, who flops more than a fish out of water. When you've got a team like that, well, who knows what the future holds.

There really are only two outcomes. The first is that Seattle doesn't advance, the offseason starts immediately, and you get posts here on Sounder at Heart talking about who do we protect in the expansion draft, what the upcoming CBA will look like, and 11 animals Dallas players look like. The second outcome is that Seattle advances in the playoffs, our excitement heightens and our butts collectively clench as the Sounders get one step closer to the Treble. People start throwing out words like "destiny" and "best team ever" as the victim culture in Seattle sports slowly dwindles to a distant memory.

There's a lot riding on this game for Seattle. Lose and it's another early exit from the playoffs, their great season a forgotten footnote to all but the most faithful. Win and their meteoric rise into the annals of history continues unabated. For Dallas it's a different story. If they lose, they'll pat themselves on the back, congratulate each other on a fine first season under new head coach, and point to their fans in Frisco saying, "See? Look how much fun you could have coming to our games. You should come to our games." If they win, the exact same scenario happens. Personally, I'd rather see Seattle win.

What lineup do you see Sigi throwing out there? What's your prediction for the final score? Who scores the winning goal that sends Seattle into partymode? There are no wrong answers except for ones that don't see Seattle advancing.

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