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Major Link Soccer: Expansion Draft Day

Orlando and NYFC get their first shot at the league by taking players.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

MLS Expansion Draft Live Stream 11am - Sounder at Heart will have an open thread for all your Draft Day chatter.

List of available players


Seattle will lose a player there is no question, they say they are ready. This year above most I believe that to be true. Seattle's depth and allocation money will help them get stronger.

January 1st Sounders add a newly signed player to the roster. He is a proven goal scorer and has a great story.

Lets not forget S2 is starting the process of looking for players. Tryouts are this weekend in Vegas.


As we all know today the expansion draft take place. After that the offseason will heat up with re-entry drafts, combines, and trades.

MLS slipped one by the keeper on Tuesday by stating they are open to playing in Copa MX, could Copa Libertadores be next?

Houston let one Scottish coach move to San Jose. Now they hired a new coach who is Scottish, all that orange must attract them.

Very sad story out of Maryland, all the supporters groups around the league do what they know best and offer support.


Born in Germany to Ethiopian parents, raised in America, and now playing for Arsenal. It is the all to familiar path of an American soccer player

If your looking for a Soccer vacation next year the spring and summer offer opportunities to hit Europe and watch the US.

January is the annual US Soccer month long camp. It is also the time for Jurgen to bring in the unknowns and give them a run out. Who will be picked in 2015?


Picking the "Worlds Greatest Club Team" has always been a popular debate, but is there any real question after what this team accomplished.

Known as a "Hardman" the world over both on the pitch and silver screen. Has Jones gone soft for his pal Gazza.

Something very strange happened recently. A team with no name played, fans came, and they won.

"England may have created football but Brazil made it an art form. Since the arrival of football in the South American country at the turn of the 20th century, Brazil have won eight Copa Americas and five World Cups"

Champions league games are being played today. Does anyone remember the "10 Youngest Scorers in the Champions League"

The Indian Super League is in full effect. All the "Old Gang" is together and showing off skills.

200 goals in 178 games. Rich, good looking, and loves Messi!

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