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DeAndre Yedlin, Mix Diskerud engaging in no-holds-barred competition for most lovable USMNT player

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DeAndre Yedlin is currently in San Diego, apparently enjoying a nice vacation. He's there with United States teammate Mix Diskerud. They've been taking pictures together all over town and generally making quite the cute couple.

But they've put aside all the niceties for a little while in order to engage in a very. serious. contest. They are making sand drawings on the beach and want you to decide the winner. Allow them to explain:

Here are their pictures:

My portrait of @mixdiskerud

A photo posted by DeAndre Yedlin (@yedlinny) on

@mixdiskerud portrait of me.

A photo posted by DeAndre Yedlin (@yedlinny) on

You'll need an Instagram account to actually partake in the official voting, but we'll hold one of our own just for fun.