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2014 Sounder at Heart Moment of the Year: Group B

In another difficult group of great moments in 2014 for Seattle Sounder fans, we find homegrowns, chips, dipping efforts, and the land of Potatoes. Now I'm hungry.

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I know what you're thinking. "Josh, how could there be any more moments left to vote for after the amazing moments of Group A?" Well, let me tell you we have moments to spare.

Once again, pick your favorite 2014 Sounder Moment of the group to make it to the final poll.

Pappa Pickpockets Penedo to Secure Shield

We were feeling pretty confident that Seattle would earn their first MLS hardware when in the final game of the season we were deep into stoppage time with a one goal lead over the LA Galaxy, needing only a draw to secure the Supporters' Shield. But Marco Pappa, who'd scored the goal to take the lead, wanted to make absolutely, definitely sure. And so when Galaxy keeper Jaime Penedo dallied on the ball, Pappa went in for the tackle not once, but twice — eventually getting the ball off of Penedo to dribble in and finish with a delicate chip behind AJ DeLaGarza. And there was much rejoicing.

Boise Soccer Stuffs the Ballot For S2

What do you think of when you think of Boise sports? A blue college football field, probably. But when we found out early in the season that the Sounders would be launching a USL Pro affiliate in 2015 in an undetermined location, we polled our readers on where they'd like to see the team play. Then Boise youth soccer got a hold of the link and took over. They mashed that poll. They julienned that poll. They wrapped that poll in tin foil, baked it, and covered it in butter and chives. (I can make these potato jokes because I was born in the Gem State. You're not allowed.)

Unfortunately, Boise did not actually get S2. But now we know Boise soccer is a force to be reckoned with, and in their honor we include Boise as a poll option in every poll now even though that joke has been beaten into the ground.


Jordan Morris Makes USMNT Debut As A College Player

Still reeling from our first ever homegrown player DeAndre Yedlin riding a career comet from O'Dea High School to Tottenham Hotspur in just three years, this year we learned that Mercer Island's Jordan Morris is on his own fast track. After playing for the U20s and showing up at senior national team camp ahead of the World Cup, the Sounder Academy grad and Stanford sophomore became the first college player to make a senior national team appearance since Ante Razov in 1995 (before MLS had played its first game) when he came on as a sub in friendly against Ireland.

Now we all wait to find out whether Morris will continue his Cardinal career, join the Sounders as a homegrown player, or get poached off to Europe, but in the meantime we can appreciate another young Sounder making an early impact on the game.

Neagle Golazo Against RSL

In mid-September the Sounders were riding high off of 4 consecutive wins and about to travel to the US Open Cup final. But at home against RSL they surrendered an opening goal and were facing the daunting task of coming back against the force of nature that is Nick Rimando. Then in the 38th minute Federal Way's own Lamar Neagle got around Kyle Beckerman and unloaded an audacious 30-yard left footed shot to the top corner to beat Rimando and start a comeback that would end with a 3-2 win over Seattle's occasional rivals and create some distance in the Supporters' Shield race

Now look into your heart and vote for the best moment in Group B

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