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You have the power to make Clint Dempsey CONCACAF's Player of the Year

Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

CONCACAF hands out awards like basically every other soccer organization. But unlike most of those organizations who limit the voting pool to media or players or some mix of them, CONCACAF would like fans to make this decision. Why? Who knows, but that's what they're doing.

So, while we'll happily agree that Clint Dempsey was not the best player in the entire CONCACAF region this year, we're still going to suggest you go vote for him as Player of the Year. You can do so right here and you can even vote as many times as you have different email addresses to use.

Are we actually suggesting that you stuff the ballot box? Well, we aren't telling you NOT to do that, are we?

Sure, this potentially cheapens the award. But you know what else cheapens the award, allowing random fans to make this decision when there's a very good chance that voters only saw one or two of these players play. I mean, Dempsey wasn't even the best player on the Sounders, let alone MLS or the entire region. Yet, he's the only MLS player nominated for Player of the Year. The same could be said for Hope Solo, who's hilariously nominated for Female Player of the Year, but vote for her too while you're at it.

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