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Major Link Soccer: NASL celebrity name game edition

Keeping up with the Kardashians (and Ronaldo). Dan Kennedy gets a new start in Dallas. Yedlin is only good enough to warm the bench at Tottenham. Re-entry draft commence!

Soccer investor?
Soccer investor?
Charley Gallay/Getty Images


Today is free Sounder at Heart gear shipping day, what are you waiting for?

Also, don't forget you have a chance to stuff an online ballot box, something Seattle invented.

Sure, this applies to all of MLS, but the Sounders have put together a nice bulleted list of important offseason dates that could affect the roster.  For your reference.

Were you aware that DeAndre Yedlin (with Brad Evans) controlling Robbie Rogers and Landon Donovan at the StubHub Center by playing more conservatively is an indication that Yedlin isn't ready for the big leagues?

Major League Soccer

Stage one of the Re-Entry Draft will be held today starting at 12 noon pacific.  In case the league's penchant for drafts leaves your head spinning, here's a brief primer for you.  And here's a list of the available players with a little color commentary.

Behold the unusual path of Leo Stolz, the German UCLA midfielder who turned down a pro contract in 2.Bundesliga to play US college soccer and is sure to be sought after by MLS teams with early draft picks.

These are the 55 college seniors who are invited to the MLS Combine.

"Kyle Bekker is ours and you can't have him."  -Toronto

Dogfish Head Brewery has a new sponsorship with the Philadelphia Union and its delicious selection will be available at PPL park.  I can only stand and applaud, and maybe we could arrange a loan from the Union?  Not a player, a few dozen kegs of 60 Minute IPA for CenturyLink.

Sometimes, when your team gets to the MLS Cup final, many bad feelings can be forgotten.

FC Dallas just got better, thanks to one Dan Kennedy.

NYCFC may indeed be signing Colombian Javier Calle, but a DP tag may not be coming with him.

Don't worry, RSL will actually sign some players after shedding some of the old guard.

The DC stadium situation grinds forward, but all the news has been positive for quite a while.  Here's Black and Red United's take.


Kim Kardashian.  Not a name you expect to see in this space often, but there are rumors (whisperings. even!) that Kim will be part owner in the new Los Angeles NASL expansion side that is on the way.  I'll leave it at that, because tasteless jokes are tasteless.

But wait, that's not all -- if you prefer your celebrities more soccer-y, head over to Ft. Lauderdale, where you'll find Ronaldo (this Ronaldo) as a new minority owner in the team there.

This after Raúl recently signed with the Cosmos, and you've got some splashy names swirling around the second league. I wonder who will win promotion this year?

The Dayton Dutch Lions are heading back to the PDL from USL Pro, refocusing on development of young players.

US Soccer

Will Frisco, Texas be the home of the (new) National Soccer Hall of Fame?  I personally don't care.  Unless it was absurdly convenient for me it's very unlikely I would ever visit such a place.  Still, it should clearly be in Seattle.


Nothing happened in the rest of the World.

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