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Levy Films completes gorgeous UW Soccer documentary with Episode 4

There are so many reasons to watch Heart of the Dawg. The Levy Films team does what they do best, combining slow-motion highlights of some of our future Sounders with heartfelt interviews that get to the core of what makes sports great.

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Heart of the Dawg Episode 4 is the finale in the series that has followed the UW mens team through an exciting season that saw them reach the top sixteen in the NCAA bracket. The highlights are, in typical Levy style, beautifully shot in high speed then slowed to a crawl and set to music. Enjoy the look behind the scenes at all the drama of a local team replete with Sounders Academy players like Ian Lange and Darwin Jones.

Besides focussing on the gameplay from the end of the season, this episode features Team Manager and student Taymour Roushdi and Assistant Coach Richard Reese. The two figures provide much of the voiceover as we learn who they are - their motivations, their backgrounds, their family struggles.  Levy once again reminds us what team sports are about after all, especially for young players: camaraderie, passion, and being a part of the success of something bigger.

You can view all four episodes on Levy Films' vimeo page.

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