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Good Luck DeAndre: Sounders video tribute

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This video will make you feel things. Sounders FC pays tribute to DeAndre Yedlin with a video homage to their young star.

It won't be long before DeAndre Yedlin boards a plane to London. This is not 'goodbye forever' for Sounders fans, because they know a Seattleite and proud always-a-Sounder can't give up the Pacific Northwest for good. But we have likely watched our last Yedlin-shaped Rave Green blur streak up the right touchline past hapless defenders. The Sounders have put together a montage of the moments for which we'll remember DeAndre - the flashy fashion and hair backed up by the onfield chops; the opportunities taken, goals scored, trophies lifted.

Pride, nostalgia, hope, sadness - all the feelings wrapped up in watching a young star jump across the pond to his greatest challenge yet - this video evokes them all. It also serves to remind that this young man is leaving some of his best friends and mentors behind in a Seattle locker room. Tough tasks are ahead of DeAndre Yedlin, and his team wishes him nothing but the best.

To quote Sounder at Heart Juan Valdez:

"From Unknown to Homegrown.
From Homegrown to Starter.
Starter to All-Star.
All-Star to Cupcake.
Cupcake to Provisional.
Provisional to educational tour.
Bench to Sub.
Sub to Destiny."

Good Luck DeAndre.