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Player Profile: #34 Onyekachi Apam

Counting down the most influential players on the 2014 season.

Mike Russell

By popular vote no player had less of an influence on the 2014 double than zero competitive minutes played Onyekachi Apam. Signed as an unseen flyer to a barely-above-minimum-salary contract, Apam played a single half in Reserve competition. He is currently a free.


Apam's tiny amount of minutes showed no significant threat of entering the attack whether in run-of-play or in set-pieces.


Where most MLS CBs get by through physical confrontation Apam's defense centers around speed and reading of the game. In his few moments you could see where he wanted to be, but he couldn't get there quite in time.


Onyekachi is small and, when healthy, fast. He does have a broad base. The physique, when fit, shows promise, but not enough promise to see if he can regain the promise that had him desired by top teams around the world.

Best Case 2015:

If Apam can regain fitness, and he may, he would be intriguing in less physical leagues, or on a team with a defender that is similar to Marshall. He could get an invite to Sounders training camp just to see what happens.

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