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Player Profile: #33 Victor Mansaray

The 33rd player from the Sounder at Heart community player ratings is the youngest Sounder to sign a pro contract in the MLS era.

Chris Coulter - SoundersPhotos

There were six players with zero competitive minutes. It isn't surprising that #33 is Victor Mansaray. He technically still is not on the active roster. The dynamic high school senior and USU18 National Team regular is Seattle Sounders FC's youngest ever signing. Victor did practice with the 1st team for most of the season.


This is where Mansaray will need to make his money. He's an inside-out striker that likes to use his speed a bit. He's still a bit too right-footed, but that's been changing over the year.


Victor will need to put more effort into defending up top to reach his full potential as a player.


He's young and slight. That's not too much of an issue for now. When he moves to regular 1st team play it will be.

Best Case 2015:

There is no player currently on the roster (or almost on the roster) where Sounders 2 makes more sense than for this teenage sensation. If he goes there and beats out the likes of Morris, Jones, Okoli and the rest that may/may-not be on that roster his signing will be truly special.

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